Salice Rose Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height

Welcome Friends! Meet Salice Rose, the vibrant and hilarious social media star who has captured the hearts of millions with her relatable content and infectious energy. At just 30 years old, Salice Rose has made a name for herself as a successful TikToker, YouTuber, and model known for her colourful hairstyles and tattoos.

Her online presence has allowed her to collaborate with major brands and artists while also inspiring and entertaining her ever-growing fan base. But behind the screen, we’ll delve into her bio and net worth and learn more about the woman behind the iconic name, from her humble beginnings in California to her rise to fame.

Get ready to discover all there is to know about the one and only Salice Rose.

Quick Bio

Category Details
Full Name Salice Rrose
Date of Birth November 20, 1994
Age 30 years old
Family Name Rrose
Birth Place California, USA
Current Residence Los Angeles, USA
Gender Female
Profession Instagram Influencer, YouTuber
Nationality American
Ethnicity Peruvian
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Awards Under Review
Net Worth $5 million
Height 5′ 5″
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Boyfriend Not Known
Husband Not Known
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
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Salice Rose Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height

Who Is Salice Rose?

Salice Rose is like a shining star on the internet! Imagine a place where millions of people come to watch videos and laugh; that’s where you’ll find Salice. Born on a chilly November day in 1994 in a place called Lancaster in California, she grew up to be someone many people love watching.

She shares her life, the fun parts and the learning parts, on websites like TikTok and YouTube, making everyone who watches her smile and sometimes even think deeply. Salice isn’t just funny; she’s also super creative. She loves to change the colour of her hair, like how some of us might change our socks – always something new and exciting!

And she has drawings on her skin, which are called tattoos that tell stories about who she is. People really like her because she’s real; she talks about her feelings, her struggles, and how she overcomes them.

Plus, she’s got a knack for making videos that feel like she’s talking right to you as if you’re friends. She’s not just a star; she’s like a friend to millions of people from all over the world who watch her videos.

Salice’s Early Life and Education

Salice Rose grew up in a sunny place called California, where she had lots of adventures as a kid. She went to school just like you, learning about math, science, and all those subjects we sometimes think are tough.

She always found a way to make things fun, even when they seemed hard. Imagine sitting in class and dreaming about creating videos that millions of people would watch someday. That’s what Salice did! While she was learning from her books, she was also learning how to share her stories and make people laugh.

It wasn’t just about reading and writing for Salice; it was about finding what she loved to do and dreaming big. She shows us that school isn’t just a place to learn from textbooks; it’s a place to start dreaming about what we want to be when we grow up.

And for Salice, those dreams of making videos and being a friend to millions through her screen started right there, in her early days, surrounded by her school books and big ideas.

Salice Rose Career

She started by making videos just for fun, showing her everyday life, her funny thoughts, and sometimes her dancing moves. People found her so funny and real that more and more started watching her videos. Salice Rose became a star on TikTok and YouTube, places on the internet where you can share videos. It’s like she built a huge online playground where everyone is invited to laugh and learn with her.

She also became a model, which means she gets to dress up in cool clothes and show off different styles. Plus, she tried singing, sharing her voice with the world in her music. She didn’t stop there; she worked with big brands, which are companies that make things we like, from snacks to clothes.

They asked Salice to help them show their products because they knew she had lots of friends online who trusted her. That’s a big part of her career, showing us that being yourself and sharing what you love can turn into your dream job.

Salice Rose’s Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Salice Rose is pretty private when it comes to her love life, which means she likes to keep it a secret from the internet world. Just like how some of us have a special toy or diary we don’t share with everyone, Salice feels the same about her relationship status.

She believes that some things are just for her to know rather than for the whole world to find out through videos or pictures. So, we might only see her talking a little about boyfriends or dating because she chooses to keep that part of her life just to herself.

Salice Rose Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height

Salice Rose Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Salice Rose is as tall as five rulers stacked end to end, which is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She weighs as much as about 54 bags of sugar, each weighing 1 kilogram. That’s the same as 54 kg!

Her hair and eyes are both the colour of dark chocolate, which makes her look really cool and interesting. Just like how we all have unique things about us, Salice’s dark brown hair and eyes are part of what makes her special.

Award and Achievements

Even though we don’t have a list of trophies or medals that Salice Rose has won, like the kind you might get in a sports game or a school contest, her achievements are still super impressive. Think of it this way: every time someone hits the “like” button, shares her videos or decides to follow her, it’s like Salice wins a prize.

She has millions of followers online, and that’s a huge achievement! It shows that so many people enjoy what she does and look up to her. Also, being able to work with big companies and share products she loves is another win because it means those companies trust her and think she’s really good at what she does.

Plus, just by being herself and sharing her life with the world, she’s helped lots of people feel happier or less alone. Those might not be awards you can put on a shelf, but they’re definitely worth celebrating!

Salice Rose Net Worth

Imagine having a giant piggy bank that’s so big you can fill it with not just hundreds but millions of dollars. That’s what Salice Rose has! Her huge piggy bank, which we call “net worth,” has about $5 million in it.

This means that, through making videos, working with brands, and all the other cool stuff she does, Salice has earned a lot of money. It’s like she’s been saving up a huge treasure chest from sharing her talents and being herself on the internet.

Fun Facts about Salice Rose

  • Salice loves spicy food! Imagine eating chips that make your mouth feel like a fireworks show. That’s her favourite snack.
  • She has a cute little dog that she adores. It’s like her furry best friend, who’s always ready for cuddles.
  • Dancing is one of her superpowers. When music plays, her feet start moving, and she can’t stop dancing.
  • Salice is also a night owl, which means she loves staying up late. While most of us are sleeping, she’s wide awake, thinking of new video ideas or just enjoying the quiet night.
  • She’s a big fan of roller coasters. The faster and scarier, the better for her. It’s like she’s a superhero who’s not afraid of anything!
  • Halloween is her favourite holiday. She loves dressing up in different costumes and becoming someone else for a day.
  • Salice has a special talent for making people laugh, even on their gloomiest days. It’s like she has a magic wand that spreads happiness.


  • Making Videos: Salice loves to grab her camera and share parts of her day or funny thoughts with everyone online. It’s like she’s inviting us to a little piece of her world every time she posts a video.
  • Dancing: Just like in her videos, Salice enjoys moving to the rhythm of music any chance she gets. Whether it’s in her room or somewhere else, she finds joy in letting loose and dancing her heart out.
  • Cooking: Experimenting in the kitchen is another hobby of Salice. She likes trying out new recipes and adding her twist to them. Imagine creating a delicious meal and getting to eat it, too—double fun!
  • Traveling: Exploring new places and experiencing different cultures is something Salice finds thrilling. Each journey is an adventure, collecting memories and stories to share.
  • Working Out: Keeping fit and healthy is important to Salice. She enjoys working out, whether it’s at the gym or a home exercise session. It’s like a power-up for her body and mind.
  • Drawing: With her love for tattoos, it’s no surprise that Salice enjoys drawing. It’s a way for her to express her creativity on paper, just like how she expresses herself through her videos and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Salice Rose become famous?

Salice became famous by sharing her life, funny stories, and dancing videos on the internet. She put her videos on TikTok and YouTube, where lots of people started watching and liking them.

Does Salice Rose have any siblings?

Yes, Salice has siblings. Just like you might have brothers or sisters to play with, she has family members she grew up with.

What does Salice Rose like to do for fun?

For fun, Salice enjoys making videos, dancing to cool music, trying new recipes in the kitchen, travelling to exciting places, exercising to stay healthy, and drawing beautiful pictures.

What’s Salice’s favourite snack?

Salice loves eating spicy chips! Imagine eating something so spicy, but you can’t stop because it’s so tasty.

And that’s the amazing story of Salice Rose, a br


ight and joyful friend to millions on the internet. From sharing her funny and heartwarming videos to dancing like no one’s watching, Salice Rose shows us all how to dream big and be true to ourselves. She’s not just a star because of the followers she has but because of the smiles and laughter she brings to people everywhere.

You’ll inspire others just like she does. So, keep dreaming, keep laughing, and who knows, maybe one day, you’ll be someone’s Salice Rose, spreading joy and positivity. Thanks for joining us on this journey to learn about Salice Rose. Now, it’s your turn to go out and shine bright!

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