Roni Ford Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, career, and More

Welcome friends! Get ready to meet the incredible Roni Ford, a true inspiration and a shining star in the entertainment world. With her stunning looks and exceptional talent, she has captured the hearts of people all around the globe.

Born on March 22, 1952, in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii, Roni is a true American beauty, proudly showcasing her heritage in all her success. Her journey to fame is nothing short of a superhero’s tale, as she fearlessly seized every opportunity that came her way and made a name for herself in the industry.

From modeling to acting, Roni has conquered everything and continues to shine bright with her skills and charm. Join us as we dive into the life of this remarkable woman and discover more about her biography and successful career.

Get ready to be amazed by Roni Ford!

Quick Bio

Real NameRoni Ford
Alternative NamesRoni Paradise
ProfessionActor and Model
Date of BirthMarch 22, 1952
Age72 Years (2024)
BirthplaceHawaii, United States
EthnicityMixed-race (primarily Caucasian)
Height– In Feet: 5 Feet 5 Inches (1.65 m)
Weight– In Pound: 130 lbs (59 Kg)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Figure Size34D-26-34
Dress SizeNot specified
Net WorthUSD 360K (approx.)
Favorite GadgetsSmartphone, Digital Camera, Smart Watch
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Zodiac SignAries
HusbandNot Available
ChildrenNot Available
Marital StatusUnmarried
Affair/BoyfriendNot Known
InstagramClick Here
YouTubeClick Here
Roni Ford Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, career, and More

Who is Roni Ford?

Roni Ford is an incredible lady who has made a big name in acting and modeling. That’s precisely what Roni does, and she does it super well! She was born in Hawaii,Roni Ford Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, career, and More a beautiful place in the United States, and she’s very proud of her American roots.

Like the United States is full of opportunities, Roni grabbed all those chances to become a superstar. Not just in America, but she’s also famous worldwide! Her talent is so unique that it’s like she has superpowers. Roni Ford is a real-life superhero, winning hearts with her fantastic skills. It’s safe to say Roni Ford is one amazing lady!

Roni Ford Early Life and Education

Roni Ford was born on a sunny day, March 22, 1952. Hawaii is a place full of beaches, palm trees, and breathtaking beauty! It’s just like a paradise on earth. Being born in such a fantastic place, she was surrounded by the magical nature of Hawaii.

As a little girl, Roni loved to explore and go on adventures. That’s probably why she’s so bold and brave now! When it comes to education, Roni was a bright student. She was always curious and eager to learn new things. Roni loved books and was often found with her nose in one.

She attended a good school in Hawaii and was very active in school activities. She especially loved drama and was often the star of the school plays. Those plays and dramas were the first steps to her impressive acting career. See, even as a little girl; she had a passion for acting! Stay tuned to learn more about her fantastic journey.

Roni Ford’s Super Modeling Career

Roni Ford’s modeling journey is like a super exciting movie! She started at a young age, posing with an enchanting smile in front of the camera. She had a natural talent for modeling, and everyone could see it! How she walked, talked, and smiled… everything was perfect.

She was like a beautiful bird, ready to fly high in the sky of the fashion world! She started modeling locally but soon caught the eyes of big names in the fashion industry. They saw the sparkle in her eyes and knew she was meant for big things.

Roni became a hot favorite and started working with famous fashion brands. She graced the covers of popular magazines and walked the runways of big fashion shows. Like a superhero, she made a huge splash in the fashion world.

Roni’s talent shined so bright that she became a superstar in the modeling world, not just in the United States but globally! Her confidence, style, and talent made her a unique star. Her modeling career is as stunning as she is, making Roni Ford a true superstar!

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Roni Ford is a private person when it comes to her love life. She has a secret treasure chest that she keeps locked away. She hasn’t publicly shared if she has a boyfriend or is in a relationship. But it’s okay!

Everyone deserves their little secret garden. Remember, whether Roni is dating someone or not, she’s always shining bright and capturing hearts with her talent. That’s the most important thing!

Roni Ford Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Our superstar, Roni, is as tall as a sunflower. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. That’s about as tall as 165 little toy cars stacked on each other. Now, let’s talk about her weight. Roni weighs about 130 pounds. That’s as heavy as about 130 small apples! Or, if you like kilograms, she weighs about 59 kilograms.

The color of her eyes and hair. They are both brown, just like yummy chocolate chips! Her eyes sparkle like shiny marbles when she smiles. It’s as soft and shiny as silk. She has an impressive figure with measurements of 34D-26-34.

She’s fit and fabulous! Roni Ford also has tattoos. Yes, she does! Tattoos are like cool drawings that people get on their skin. They can tell stories or be beautiful designs. We don’t know what her tattoos mean, but they add to her relaxed style!

Roni Ford Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, career, and More

Achievement and Awards

Our super cool lady, Roni Ford, has won many shiny awards and achievements! Like a superhero collecting medals for their brave acts, Roni Ford has collected awards for her exceptional talent.

She’s been recognized as a top model and a brilliant actor, receiving awards from big, influential people in the industry. These shiny trophies are like stars in her sky of success, each one shining brighter than the last! We don’t know the exact names of all her awards, but we’re sure they’re super special, just like Roni Ford.

Roni Ford’s Net worth

Roni Ford has saved up a lot of coins in her piggy bank! She has about 360,000 green dollar bills; if you like a more significant word, her net worth is approximately 360K dollars. That’s a whole mountain of toys! This shows how successful our superstar, Roni Ford, is!

Roni Ford Future Plan and Goals

Roni has some goals and plans for her future, too! She wants to keep exploring new worlds in the universe of acting and modeling. Roni dreams of playing even more exciting characters in movies. She wants to be a superhero, an astronaut, a princess, and even a magical fairy!

In the modeling world, she plans to walk on the most famous runways and be on the cover of the most popular magazines. Besides her work, she has some personal goals, too. She wants to learn how to bake a big, yummy chocolate cake and hopes to visit the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

She also dreams of rescuing more fluffy, four-legged friends and giving them a loving home. Remember, friends, setting goals, and planning for your future is like drawing a treasure map to your dreams. Like our friend Roni Ford, always dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true!

Roni Ford on Social Media

Now, let’s peek into Roni Ford’s social media world. It’s like a colorful scrapbook of her life. Roni loves to share fun moments and happy memories on her social media pages. She has a lot of followers who adore her! They are like her big, global family.

On her Instagram, she shares pictures of her dog, the yummy food she cooks, and even behind-the-scenes of her photoshoots. Roni also uses Twitter to share her thoughts, ideas, and what she’s up to. She even retweets messages from her fans, just like a friend!

Facebook is another place where she posts about her work and life. Roni’s social media pages are as exciting as a colorful rainbow! It’s like a particular album where she shares her daily adventures with her fans.

Remember, friends, social media is a great way to connect with people worldwide, just like Roni Ford does! You could be her next friend online!

Fun fact about her

  • Roni loves animals! She has a fluffy, four-legged friend. Yes, you’re right, a cute little dog!
  • Roni loves to play in the sand and swim in the ocean! It’s probably because she was born in Hawaii, a place full of beautiful beaches.
  • She’s like a chef, making yummy dishes in her kitchen!
  • It’s Roni’s favorite dessert too! She loves to eat a big scoop of ice cream on hot, sunny days.
  • Last but not least, she’s a big fan of superheroes! Just like us, she loves to read comics and watch superhero movies. Maybe that’s why she’s like a real-life superhero!


Let’s uncover some fun things that Roni Ford loves to do in her free time. Some of her hobbies interest you:

  • Cooking: Roni loves to whip up delicious dishes in her kitchen. Cooking is like magic for her. She loves to try new recipes and share them with her loved ones.
  • Swimming: she loves to swim too! The water is like her second home.
  • Playing with her dog: Roni loves her four-legged friend. They love to play fetch and go on walks together.
  • Reading: Books are like a doorway to a whole new world for Roni. She loves to read in her free time. She especially loves books about superheroes!
  • Going to the beach: Living in Hawaii, Roni loves to spend time on the beach. Building sandcastles and sunbathing are some of her favorite beach activities.
  • Watching superhero movies: Last but not least, Roni is a big fan of superheroes. She loves to watch superhero movies and read comic books in her free time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Roni Ford do?

Roni Ford is a fantastic actor and model. She is like a superhero in the world of entertainment!

Where was Roni Ford born?

She was born in a beautiful place called Hawaii. It’s a paradise with lots of palm trees and beaches.

Is Roni Ford tall?

Yes, she is as tall as a sunflower! She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

How much does she weigh?

She weighs about 130 pounds. That’s as heavy as 130 small apples!

Does Roni Ford have a boyfriend?

Roni likes to keep her love life secret. We don’t know if she has a boyfriend, but we do know she is super cool!

What are her hobbies?

She loves to cook, swim, play with her dog, read books, go to the beach, and watch superhero movies! She is a super fun lady!


And there you have it, friends! We just zoomed through the exciting world of the super cool lady, Roni Ford! From being a shining star in the modeling and acting world to being a superhero in real life, she’s truly a superstar.

She has shown that you can reach the stars with hard work, courage, and grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. Like Roni, remember to be brave, follow your dreams, and never forget to have fun. Always remember, we are all superstars in our ways.

So, let’s cheer for our super cool friend, Roni Ford, and also for ourselves!

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