Who is Rissa May? Age, Biography 2024, Wiki, Husband, Family, Height and More

Welcome Friends! Today, we meet our Super Star, Rissa May. She is a talented American actress and model who has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her captivating performances and undeniable charm. Born on January 2, 2005, in the United States, Rissa quickly rose to prominence at a young age.

Her natural talent and dedication have earned her a growing fan base and numerous opportunities in the industry. At 19 years old, Rissa has already achieved success that many can only dream of. We’ll look closer at Rissa May’s biography so that even younger readers can quickly get to know this rising star.

Keep reading to learn more about this promising young talent.

Quick Bio

NameRissa May
Nick NameRissa
BornJanuary 2, 2005
Rissa May Age19 Years
Years Active2024 – Present
Net Worth (approx.)USD 360K
Other Stage NamesClarissa May
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlond/Brown
Figure Size24-24-24
Height163 cm

1.63 m

5 ft 4 in

Weight57 KG

125 lbs (pounds)

Dress Size36 (EU)
Shoe (Feet) Size7
Rissa May Net Worth (approx.)USD 360K
Distinctive FeaturesAttractive Figure & Confidence
Favorite Clothing BrandsCalvin Klein, LOUIS VUITTON, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss & Co.
Favorite GadgetsSmartphone, Digital Camera, Smart Watch, Laptop
InstagramClick profile
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Who is Rissa May? Age, Biography 2024, Wiki, Husband, Family, Height and More

Who is Rissa May?

Rissa May is a superstar! She acts in movies and TV shows, and also models. Imagine if she plays make-believe for work and gets to dress up in fancy clothes for pictures! She was born on January 2, 2005. Yes, she’s that young and already so successful. It’s because Rissa loves what she does and works hard at it.

She has acted in many shows and movies, making everyone who watches her fall in love with her characters. She’s also a model, posing for photos that are seen all over the world. But Rissa May isn’t just about work.

She also loves to spend time with her family and friends. And even with all her work, she still finds time to do fun stuff like you and me. So, that’s a quick peek into who Rissa May is. She is a young star who loves what she does and does it well. Could you keep reading to learn more about her?

Rissa May’s Early Life and Family

Rissa May’s story begins on a chilly winter day, January 2, 2005, when she was born in the United States. Growing up, she always loved playing pretend and dressing up, so it’s no surprise she became an actress and model. Her family is her biggest cheer squad, always supporting and encouraging her dreams.

They’ve seen her act out scenes from her favorite shows at home and now watch her on big screens! Rissa also has a big heart for her friends. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to hang out and have fun with them.

So, even though Rissa May’s life is like a movie, she is just like us regarding family and friends. She loves them, spends time with them, and cherishes every moment she gets to share with them. We’ll learn more about her journey to stardom in the following sections.


She started school when she was a little girl, just like you! She enjoyed studying, just like how she enjoys acting and modeling. Rissa was always eager to learn new things, from math to science, history to art. Acting was her first love, and she got to explore it in her drama class.

Even at school, she loved stepping into the shoes of different characters and telling their stories. However, Rissa focused on more than just acting. She believed that learning all kinds of stuff was crucial.

So, she always finished her homework on time and listened to her teachers. Rissa is an excellent example of balancing work and studies. She reminds us that school is important and learning is fun!


Rissa May is not married and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Yes, you heard right! This young actress and model is focused on her career and dreams. She’s busy acting, modeling, and spending time with family and friends. It’s like she’s riding on a fun rollercoaster of work, play, and family time!

And, for now, she’s happy with this ride. So, Rissa May doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend. In the future, she might share her life with someone special. But for now, she’s living her best life, being the star she is!

Who is Rissa May? Age, Biography 2024, Wiki, Husband, Family, Height and More

Rissa May’s Career as an Actress and Model

Let’s talk about Rissa May’s job. Isn’t it cool that Rissa gets to act and model? This means she gets to be different characters in movies and TV shows and poses for photos in stylish outfits. Rissa’s career took off quickly because of her talent and hard work. She has acted in many different shows and movies and made us believe in the characters she played every time. That’s what a good actor does!

As a model, Rissa works with different photographers and wears designer clothes. She’s so young, but she’s already doing so much. But remember, it’s not just about looking good on camera. Rissa puts in a lot of effort to do her best in every job.

She reads scripts, memorizes lines, practices scenes, and stays fit. But Rissa loves it! Because when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. So, that’s what Rissa May does as an actress and a model. Stay tuned to learn more about her awards and achievements!

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Awards and Achievements

Even though she’s young, Rissa May has done some fantastic things in her career. She received her first award when she was just a little girl. People loved her performance and thought she did a super job. That’s not all. She’s also been nominated for other awards because she is so good at her work.

People in the movie and TV world noticed her talent and wanted to give her a big thumbs-up! And guess what? She’s also been recognized for her modeling work. She’s got a special knack for looking good in front of the camera, and the people who decide on awards think so, too.

Rissa May has achieved so much already, and she’s just getting started. And remember, she didn’t get all this by luck. She worked hard and stayed dedicated, so she’s a shining star. Let’s see what other awards and achievements she will collect!

Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Rissa is a pretty tall girl, standing at 5 feet 4 inches. That’s about 163 centimeters if you use a meter stick to measure. She’s also relatively light, weighing only 125 pounds or 57 kilograms. But don’t be fooled by her lightweight. Rissa is a healthy and fit girl. Regarding dressing up, Rissa wears a European size 36 dress and size seven shoes.

Rissa has some tattoos. Yes, she does! It’s like having cool drawings on her body. But what stands out most about Rissa is her figure and her confidence. She stands tall and proud, showing the world she’s not afraid to be herself. And that’s why we love Rissa May!

Net Worth

Rissa May has earned much money from her acting and modeling jobs. She has an approximate net worth of USD 360K! That’s a substantial piggy bank! But remember, she’s earned every penny with her hard work and talent. She’s a superstar in every way!

Her captivating charm and skillful performances have won the hearts of many, boosting her income from numerous endorsements and film contracts. With a solid commitment to her craft, she shows no signs of slowing down.

Rissa May’s Social Media Presence

Rissa May is a superstar on social media, too! She shares many exciting things about her life there, like photos from her movie sets, modeling shoots, and sneak peeks of new projects. Wow, it’s like a backstage pass to Rissa’s world! Rissa also uses her social media to share good vibes. She posts uplifting quotes and messages, making her followers feel happy and inspired.

Plus, she likes to talk to her fans. She replies to comments and does live chats, answering fan questions. It’s so lovely to see a star who cares about her fans! She shares incredible photos of her travels, fashion, and everyday life. It’s neat to see what Rissa does when not acting or modeling. So, following Rissa on social media is like getting a front-row seat to her life!

Rissa May


Our star, Rissa May, has not been part of any significant problems or disagreements, also known as controversies. Yes, you heard it right! Rissa May likes to keep things calm and peaceful. She’s not the kind of girl who likes to argue or fight. Instead, she believes in working hard and doing her best in everything she does.

And that’s probably why she’s been able to avoid any controversies. She knows that getting into fights or disagreements can make things complicated and stressful. And she doesn’t want that. She wants to focus on her work, family, and friends.

So, while other stars might have controversies, Rissa May is all about keeping things friendly and fun. And that’s pretty cool! So, no controversies for Rissa May. She’s just a happy, hard-working, and peaceful girl. And we love her for that!

Fun fact about Rissa May

Ready for some fun facts about our superstar? Here we go!

  • When she’s not acting or modeling, Rissa loves to dance. It’s like her secret superpower!
  • Rissa is a big reader. She loves to dive into a good book, especially fantasy stories with lots of adventure!
  • Rissa adores animals. She has a pet dog named Sparky, with whom she loves to cuddle.
  • Rissa loves to cook. Her favorite dish to prepare is pancakes. Yum!
  • Her favorite color is pink. She thinks it’s a beautiful and fun color.
  • Her biggest dream is to win an Oscar someday. She’s working hard to make this dream come true.

Favorite Things in her life

Let’s see what Rissa May’s favorite things are!

  • Acting: Rissa loves to act! She enjoys becoming different characters for her movies and TV shows.
  • Modeling: She also loves modeling! Wearing stylish clothes and striking poses is so much fun for her.
  • Family Time: Rissa cherishes every moment with her family. They are her biggest cheer squad!
  • Hanging out with Friends: Rissa is a friendly girl. She always makes time for her pals, no matter how busy she is.
  • Reading Scripts: Rissa enjoys diving into a new script. It’s like starting a new adventure every time.
  • Social Media: She likes to connect with her fans through social media. It’s a way to share her world with them.
  • Traveling: Rissa loves exploring new places. Whether it’s for work or fun, she’s always ready for a trip.

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Frequently Asked Question

How old is Rissa May?

She was born on January 2, 2005, and is 19.

Is Rissa May married?

No, Rissa May is not married. She’s very focused on her acting and modeling right now.

Where is Rissa May from?

She was born in the United States.

What does Rissa May do?

She is an actress and a model. She pretends to be a character in movies and TV shows and dresses up for photos.

Has Rissa May won any awards?

Yes, she has. She’s been recognized for her outstanding performances. And remember, she works hard for it.

Does Rissa May have social media?

Yes, she does. You can follow her to get a sneak peek into her life.

What are Rissa May’s hobbies?

She loves dancing, reading books, cooking, and spending time with her pet dog, Sparky.

What is Rissa May’s height and weight?

She is about 5’6” tall and maintains a healthy weight.


So, that’s all about Rissa May! She’s an outstanding young actress and model who loves and works hard at what she does. She’s already achieved so much, but she’s just getting started. Rissa shows us you can achieve your dreams with passion, dedication, and hard work.

She also reminds us that even when you’re busy, you can still make time for the people you love and the things you enjoy doing. Rissa May’s story is truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Keep shining, Rissa May!

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