Real Estate Investments for Greek Citizenship

The Greece golden visa program provides a unique way for non-European Union nationals to obtain residency and citizenship through real estate investment. This program is famous due to its low investment doorstep and the several apartments associated with Greek residency. Examine their citizenship’s real estate investment needs and cover the investing procedure, advantages, eligibility criteria, and application process. 

Requirement For Investment 

  • The main requirement for attaining  Greek residency over real estate investment is the $150,000 minimum capital purchase. This cost can be vested in single or different capital, making it one of the most effective residency by-investment programs in Europe. 
  • Sponsors can select from the different capital categories, including commercial and residential. This  investment can be  meant for  buying  apartments, villas, retail stores.
  • The capital must be obtained on a possession basis. Make sure the sponsor has complete property rights. Tenancy capitals are not modified under this plan. 

Eligible Criteria

To qualify for the  Greek residency  over real  estate  investment, candidates   should  meet the  requirements:

  • The candidate should be at least 18 years old and give evidence of a criminal record from their nation and other nations where they have settled for more than  1 year. 
  • Sponsors should have health insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents, which is reliable in Greece. Candidates must show that the funds employed for the investment were attained. This includes giving the financial statement and other related documents. Visit greece investment citizenship 

What Are Application Processes?

  • Sponsors must start by determining the best capital that meets the least investment requirements. Engage with local real estate consultants, and legal suggestions can give the procedure. 
  • Lead through due diligence to ensure that capital is free of legal problems, such as excellent disputes. This step is essential to prevent future difficulties. Moreover Dubai citizenship by investment 
  • Once the best capital is found, the sponsor must sign a buy contract and pay the deposit. The agreement must clearly outline the sale, including the buy cost and payment plan. 
  • After the purchase, the capital should be registered with related Greek entities. This includes paying the compulsory taxes and charges. 
  • Present the residency application with needed documents, invoke evidence of capital ownership, financial proof, and health insurance, and examine the criminal record. Applications are refined within a few months. 
  • The sponsor and their family members get the  5-year  residency allowance, renewable for investment. 
  • After 8 years of residency, the sponsor can apply for Greek citizenship. This method includes displaying collaboration in Greek community tasks. 


The real estate investing program offers an appealing route to European Union residency and citizenship. With its effective investment doorstep, attractive lifestyle, and position, Greece defines the worthy chances for the sponsor looking at the world in Europe. The sponsor can protect a sound and flourishing future in Greece by meeting the eligible criteria and following the application procedure. 

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