How Does a Family Suite Differ From a Regular Hotel Room?

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When booking a hotel for your family vacation, you have a choice between a standard room or a family suite. What exactly is the difference, and is it worth the upgrade? Family suites provide more spacious accommodations plus convenient features for trips with kids or groups. In this post, let’s look at how family suites compare to regular rooms.

More Sleeping Space and Arrangements

The main distinction is that family suites have more bedrooms, beds, and space to sleep multiple people. While a standard hotel room may only have one queen/king bed, suites have two, three, or even four separate bedrooms. Some suites have adjoining rooms with connecting doors for privacy. Others feature large master bedrooms with separate alcoves and pull-out sofas for kids. This allows families to spread out instead of cramming into one room.

Bigger Square Footage

In addition to more sleeping space, family suites have a larger overall square footage. Standard rooms average 350-400 square feet, while suites can range from 750 up to 2,000 square feet. This gives your family and belongings room to spread out. With more space comes separate defined living areas. Suites have a parlor or living room, dining area, full kitchen and other features you don’t get in a single room. Kids can play in one area while parents relax in another.

Kid-Friendly Amenities

Family suites cater to traveling with children. Many have kid-size furniture like chairs, tables, step stools and even bunk beds or themed decor. Some have game consoles and toys for entertainment. Safety features like child locks, covers on outlets and kitchen items provide peace of mind. Things like kid-friendly bathtubs, potty seats, baby bottle warmers, and diaper disposal bins make daily routines easier.

Full Kitchens and Dining Areas

Having a full kitchen for snacks, meals, and formula preparation is a suite perk. Kitchens come equipped with full-size appliances, cookware and dinnerware, so you can dine in. The extra dining space with a large table is perfect for family meals or playing board games together. You save money by preparing quick breakfasts and light meals rather than dining out.

More Bathrooms and Amenities

With a suite, multiple bathrooms means less fighting over showers in the morning! Families have the space to spread out routines. Plus, more bathrooms means more amenities like plush towels, robes, and luxury toiletries. Some suites have whirlpool tubs, dual vanities, and separate shower and tub options. A few even have two master bathrooms attached to separate bedrooms for complete privacy.

Convenience Features

From laundry facilities to large flat-screen TVs to Wi-Fi, family suites offer conveniences that make travel easier. You may have a full-size washer and dryer right in the suite, so you can do laundry. Family suites also provide more room to work if you need a home office away from home. Extra TVs mean kids can watch their shows while parents relax.

Family suites provide more space, comfort, and convenience. If you have a large family or frequent group travelers, it’s worth booking a suite over a standard room. Kids and parents get more privacy, amenities, and room to spread out on vacation. Ultimately, family suites allow you to bring some of the comforts of home along for the journey. Check out an Ouray hotel if you’re looking for a family suite. 

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