Anthony Levandowski Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Bio

Anthony Levandowski is a well-known name in the world of technology, and he is best known for his contributions to the development of self-driving cars and his ventures in artificial intelligence.

Born on March 15, 1980, in Brussels, Belgium, Anthony has made a name for himself as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher. Despite his success, Anthony Levandowski net worth has taken a hit, currently at a negative USD -20 million as of 2024.

This is a result of a judgment against Google in March 2020. However, his talent and expertise in the tech industry continue to make him a highly sought-after figure. To learn more about Anthony Levandowski, read on and explore for additional information.

Quick Bio, Wiki

NameAnthony Levandowski
Age44 years
Date of BirthMarch 15, 1980
HometownBrussels, Belgium
Active Years2002/03 – Present
Marital StatusMarried
Girlfriend/WifeNot known
Weight81 kg
Skin ColourFair
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlack
Anthony Levandowski Net Worth$-20 Million USD
Anthony Levandowski Net Worth 2024 (in Rupees)₹-166.66 Crore INR
Anthony Levandowski Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Bio

Who is Anthony Levandowski?

Anthony Levandowski is a smart person who worked on making cars drive themselves. Imagine you’re playing with a toy car, but instead of pushing it around, it knows where to go all by itself! That’s the kind of thing Anthony tried to do with real cars.

He was born a long time ago in 1980 in Brussels, Belgium. This means he’s not just smart but also comes from a country known for delicious chocolate! Anthony spent a lot of time studying how computers can think like humans, which is why he could work on self-driving cars.

Even though he’s faced some tough times and lost a lot of money because of a problem with a company called Google, people still think he’s very important in technology. That’s pretty cool.

Anthony Levandowski Early Life and Education

When Anthony Levandowski was younger, he went to a big school called the University of California, Berkeley, before he started working on smart cars. This school is like a giant playground for learning all sorts of cool things.

At Berkeley, Anthony decided he wanted to learn much about how things are made and work, so he chose to study industrial engineering and operations research. Imagine it’s like being a detective, but instead of solving mysteries, you solve puzzles to make things better and smarter.

Anthony worked hard and learned a ton, which later helped him create amazing stuff like self-driving cars. Like in school, when you learn about math and reading, Anthony’s learning at Berkeley was the first big step in his adventure of turning cars into smart robots that drive all by themselves!

Anthony Levandowski’s Career Journey

Anthony Levandowski’s career journey is like a big adventure in the world of smart cars and robots. He started at Berkeley when he was in school, just like you. There, he made something super cool called a BillSortBot for a competition.

It could play money by itself and win an award! Later, Anthony thought about how builders and architects use big plans for buildings and made Work Top, a gadget to help them see these plans easily anywhere. In 2007, Anthony joined a team at Google, where he helped create the Google Street View System that lets you see pictures of streets on the internet.

He didn’t stop there; he worked on many different projects, including Cardboard, making a movie theatre out of a box, and even a way to see places from the sky without being in an airplane! But Anthony’s biggest dream was to make cars that drive themselves.

So, he left Google and started two companies, Otto and Pronto, focusing on making trucks and cars that don’t need a driver. Things got tricky when it was discovered that he had taken some secret designs from Google.

This led to big problems, and he had to stop working on the trucking project. Anthony’s journey shows that creating new things can be exciting but full of unexpected twists and turns.

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Bio

Anthony Levandowski Family

Anthony Levandowski has a family from two different parts of the world. His mom worked as a French diplomat, which means she helped keep peace and friendship between countries.

His dad was an American businessman who knew a lot about making deals and running companies. Even though we don’t know many details about his family life, it’s clear Anthony comes from a mix of cultures that might have helped him become the smart and inventive person he is today.

How old is Anthony Levandowski?

Anthony Levandowski is 44 years old. He was born on March 15 in the year 1980. This means he has celebrated his birthday 44 times since he was born! Every year on March 15, he gets to make a wish and blow out his birthday candles.

Think of all the cakes he has had! Just like you get excited for your birthday every year, Anthony does, too, and now he’s 44 years old.

Anthony Levandowski Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Anthony Levandowski is pretty tall, standing at 6 feet tall, which is like stacking three big school rulers on top of each other! He weighs about 81 kilograms, as heavy as a big dog or a small dolphin. His skin is fair, like how the sky looks on a cloudy day.

Anthony has blue eyes, just like the ocean on a sunny day, and his hair is black, like the night sky without any stars. Imagine having hair as dark as the deepest part of space and eyes as blue as our planet seen from far away in space!

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth

Anthony Levandowski has a net worth of USD -20 million. This might sound strange, but it means he owes more money than he has. In India, this would be about ₹-166.66 Crore INR.

Imagine if you had a piggy bank, and instead of filling it up, you had to give money back because you borrowed too much. That’s what happened to Anthony.

Even though it sounds bad, it’s an important part of his story and shows that even really smart people sometimes face tough challenges.

Girlfriend/Wife and Relationship status

Anthony Levandowski is married and is a dad to two kids. He likes to keep things about his family between them, which means we don’t know his wife’s or children’s names.

Just like some secrets are just for family, Anthony thinks keeping his home life quiet and special is important, away from the busy outside world.

This way, he can share adventures with his family in their private world.

Future Plans and Goals

Anthony Levandowski is looking ahead to new adventures, even though he’s faced some big challenges. Imagine you’re on a playground, and even after you fall off the slide, you still want to try climbing up again.

That’s what Anthony is doing. He wants to keep exploring how to make cars smarter and find new ways to help robots and people work together better. It’s like he’s on a quest to discover new treasures in the world of technology, always curious and ready to learn something new.

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Fun Facts About Anthony Levandowski

  • Anthony made a robot that could sort play money by itself when he was still in school. Imagine your toy could clean up your room for you!
  • He helped make Google Street View, which lets us see pictures of places without going there. It’s like having a magic map at home!
  • Anthony likes to think about how cars can drive without anyone telling them what to do. It’s like playing with a remote-controlled car that knows where to go all by itself!
  • Despite facing tough times, he keeps working on new ideas. It’s like when you keep trying to solve a puzzle even if it’s hard.
  • Anthony’s work helps us imagine a future where we might not need to drive cars ourselves. Imagine going to school while reading a book or playing a game in the car because it drives itself!
  • Despite his challenges, Anthony remains curious and seeks ways to improve technology. It’s like being a technology detective, always looking for the next big clue!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Anthony Levandowski?

He’s 44 years old.

What did Anthony do?

He worked on making cars drive by themselves!

Where was Anthony born?

He was born in Brussels, Belgium.

Does Anthony have a family?

Yes, he’s married and has two kids.

What’s Anthony Levandowski net worth?

Right now, it’s negative $-20 million USD.

Why is Anthony Levandowski net worth negative?

He lost money because of a big problem with Google.

What did Anthony study?

He studied industrial engineering and operations research at Berkeley.

What is Anthony planning next?

He’s looking to explore new ideas in technology and self-driving cars.


Anthony Levandowski’s story is like a big, exciting book full of adventures, surprises, and important lessons. It shows us that even when you’re super smart and can make cars drive alone, there can still be bumps in the road.

Anthony faces a big challenge, and even though he owes more money than he currently does, he keeps looking forward to new ideas and adventures. His journey teaches us that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them and keep dreaming big.

Like Anthony, we can all think about amazing things for the future and work hard to make them real. So, let’s stay curious and keep learning. We’ll invent something amazing one day!

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