A Guide to What to Think about for T-shirt Fabrics When Customizing

It can be hard to know what fabric works best for the kind of t-shirts you want to customize. There are several options that work with tshirt printing Singapore some natural and some synthetic and some are blends. Here is some useful information for you to get started.

What else is there to think about apart from type of fabric?

As well as considering the fabric of the shirt other things to consider are;

  • The climate or weather – the fabric you choose needs to be breathable and lightweight in warmer weather and heavier in colder weather.
  • How comfortable it should be – think about what the garment is to be used for and how to ensure it is comfortable when filling that role.
  • Weight of the fabric – lightweight t-shirts are usually softer, thinner and more flexible. Medium shirts are not as thin but still soft and give some protection in cooler weather. Heavy-weight shirts can be coarse though there are soft ones, they are good for more durable use and for colder weather.
  • The cost – different materials will affect the cost of the shirt and the cost of the t shirt printing Singapore that can be done.
  • Durability – different options can be more durable than others so that depends on whether it is workplace wear, athletic wear, casual wear and so on.
  • How fine the thread is – this is known as the yarn count, ply or thread count. The higher this number is then the finer the yard so the t-shirt is lighter, smoother and softer. A low count means the fabric is more likely to be thicker, coarser and heavier.

Let’s dig more into cotton

Since cotton is a popular choice for shirts used in tshirt printing Singapore here is a closer look at this option. It is loved for good reason, it is breathable, durable, comfortable, absorbent and biodegradable being a natural material. When it comes to printing it works well because the inks set into the cotton very well and even high-resolution designs work on it.

Types of Cotton

There are different types of cotton which include;

  • Organic – No synthetic fertilizers are used in its growth so it is better for the environment but it makes it more expensive. It is very popular, durable and soft.
  • Ring spun – A more expensive type of cotton that is more smooth and a little softer. Due to the spinning process and how tightly woven it is, it is also more durable.
  • Combed ring spun – The properties of ring spun but even more soft and smooth because of the combing process that takes out more impurities.
  • Pima – One of the best cottons alongside options such as Egyptian. It is durable, soft and smooth and also resistant to fading, wrinkles and tears.
  • Slub – A versatile high-quality cotton that creates an airy and light fabric that does not cling to the body when worn. 

Weighing the pros and cons of cotton t-shirts

Using cotton shirts for t shirt printing Singapore makes a lot of sense for a lot of people. It is comfortable and versatile and breathes well. But while they are durable, there are synthetic options that are more so and there is the issue of shrinking that you have to get around.

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