Why Vegan Skincare is So Popular

Whether it’s made for lifestyle or ethical reasons, the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle is a popular one. Demand for vegan products, including skin creams, lotions, and serums, is rising in New Zealand and places worldwide.

Consumers are starting to wonder what’s in their skincare products, and brands are listening. The industry is gradually shifting toward clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients and practices. Lemon & Beaker is here to help you find the vegan self-care products you need for your healthy, active lifestyle. Read on to discover some of the biggest benefits of vegan skincare.

Helping You Avoid Questionable, Low-Quality, and Unsafe Ingredients

When we see eggs, meat, milk, and cheese in stores, we know what to expect—but that’s nearly impossible with beauty products. Undesirable and low-quality ingredients are sometimes hidden behind foreign-sounding terminology and deciphering it can be confusing.

Conventional beauty and skincare products may contain everything from hormone-disrupting chemicals and animal parts, but vegan options don’t. With our line of clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products, you can get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Being Gentle on Your Body

Ingredient labels on standard beauty products are typically long lists of things we can’t identify or pronounce and if your brain can’t recognize it, the rest of your body will not.

The human body struggles to process artificial ingredients, but there are no such worries with plant-based and natural products. Many of our customers choose our products because their ingredients are natural and easily processed by the body.

Saving Animals’ Lives by Going Vegan with Your Skincare Products

For many buyers, switching to vegan skincare products is about saving lives. Animals used in lab testing of cosmetics live captive, miserable lives, only to be euthanized when testing concludes. It’s enough to make anyone angry!

Animal testing is one of the cruelest practices on Earth, and it’s inaccurate, outdated, and unnecessary. There are better ways to determine the efficacy and safety of skincare products, and every sale tells brands that customers are holding them accountable.

Being Kind to Your Skin and Helping the Environment

Plants are some of the world’s richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Vegan skincare products are 100% plant-based, so they’re brimming with nutrients that are easy on the skin.

By comparison, conventional beauty products are full of harsh chemicals that accelerate the aging process and increase the risk of breakouts. If you’re looking for a safe, natural alternative, our products allow you to be kind to your skin and the planet.

Is It Time for a Change in Your Skincare Routine?

Are you finally ready to adopt a vegan skincare routine? We can help you avoid animal-based ingredients and harsh chemicals while leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Cruelty-free and vegan products are as affordable as conventional options, so there’s nothing left to lose—and much to gain.

Not only will our products make you feel better about your skincare routine, but they’ll also help you protect the environment and save animals from abuse and mistreatment. With vegan skincare, you and the environment can win.

There are many reasons to choose vegan beauty products, and we’re here to help make the decision easier for you. See our selection online or find our skincare line in a retailer in your area.

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