What is the Best Type of Human Hair Bundles?

Choosing the right human hair bundle is imperative for natural and styled hair. The idea behind selecting and buying high-quality Luvme human hair bundles is to possess complete versatility, durability, and blending with natural hair. Read through to learn about the two most popular but different variations that can be procured through Luvme Hair in a very informed way.

Understanding Human Hair Bundles

Human hair bundles refer to sections of hair gathered together to form hair extensions. The highest grade is made from 100 percent human hair, offering an unbeatable natural look.

Benefits of Human Hair Bundles

1. Natural Appearance: Human hair bundles have the most natural appearance. It compliments your hair so well that nobody realizes it.

2. Versatility: Human hair bundles are designed efficiently to be precisely the same as your original hair. With this hair, you can curl, straighten, or even dye to get a look that fits you.

3. Durability: With proper care and maintenance, human hair bundles can last up to even over a year—thus being economical in the long run.

4. Comfort: Human hair is softer and will not irritate the skin like synthetic hair. It is easy to wear in the morning and go to work or drive comfortably.

5. Volume and Length: These bundles can add significant volume and length to your hair, allowing full-volume hairstyles.

Human hair bundles with closure improve appearance, so the hair looks equivalent to natural hair, which adds confidence.

Type 1: Upgraded Brazilian Hair Luvme Virgin Straight Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles with Deep Part 2×6 HD Lace Closure

Product  Overview

The Upgraded Brazilian Hair Luvme Virgin Straight Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles with Deep Part 2×6 HD Lace Closure is one of the top chosen hair bundles. It maintains a high density of 150%, providing a fuller and voluminous appearance.

Product Details 

Hair Material: 100% Human Hair

Color: Natural Black

Density: 150%

Lace Area: 2×6 space lace

Type of Lace: HD Lace

Lasts For A Year or More

Can be dyed: Yes

Bundles: 3 Bundles Equal to 200% Density Wig

Key Features 

1. Natural Looking: The quality of the lace is HD and melts perfectly with your scalp, thus giving an essence of looking very natural.

2. Versatility: Can be styled and dyed, allowing different looks.

3. Durability: This weaved hair is crafted with natural human hair and is durable—with proper care, it may serve you for more than one year. 

4. Fullness: The density is 150%. The bundle has a complete and voluminous look.

Type 2: Luvme Hair Brazilian Virgin Straight Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles with 5×5 HD Lace Closure

Product Overview

Luvme Hair Brazilian Virgin Straight Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles with 5×5 HD Lace Closure has a large lace area. It is perfect for those who love a natural look.  

Product Details

Hair type: human hair 100%

Color: Natural Black

Density: 150 % 

Lace Area: 5×5 Closure Lace

Type of Lace: HD lace

Duration: One year or longer

Can be Dyed: Yes

Bundles: 3 Bundles = 200% Density Wig

Key Features 

1. Bigger Lace Area: The 5 x 5-inch closure gives a larger parking area, meaning one will get more styling options.

2. Natural Appearance: The HD lace creates an illusion of a natural natural hairline that looks identical to the head’s scalp.

3. Durability: These bundles are made 100% from human hair and are constructed to be a little more than one year in consideration of care.

4. Fullness: The 150% density creates a complete, rich look, just like how a 2×6 closure has fullness.

Comparing the Two Types


  • Material: They have 100% human hair that looks and feels natural when touched.
  • Density: Both are at 150% in density, making them full and voluminous in appearance.
  • Durability: They can both last over a year.
  •  Versatility: Can be dyed and styled to your tastes.


  • Lace Area: The main difference lies in the lace closure size. The Upgraded Brazilian Hair features a 2×6 closure, while the Luvme Hair option has a large 5×5 closure. The large 5×5 closure offers more space for hairstyling, such as deep side parts and more intricate styles.
  • Styling Flexibility: The 5×5 closure provides more parting space. It offers great flexibility for those who like to change their hairstyle frequently.

Choosing the Right Human Hair Bundles for You

Your choice of human hair bundles will depend on your preferences or styling needs. If you desire more parting space for versatile styling options, the Luvme Hair Brazilian Virgin Straight Body Wave Hair with a 5×5 HD lace closure is an excellent choice.

The extra width of the lace offers creative and exciting styling with variable options. It is also very comfortable. Otherwise, the Upgraded Brazilian Hair featuring a 2×6 HD lace closure is perfect if you prefer a straightforward style. A smaller lace area still gives a natural look but with a simple approach to styling.


Choosing the right human hair bundles gives you a natural and glamorous look. The Upgraded Brazilian Hair and the Luvme Hair Brazilian Virgin Straight Body Wave Hair offer high-quality options with unique features. 

By understanding their similarities and differences, you can decide which best suits your styling needs. Luvme Hair’s offerings ensure a luxurious and natural appearance. They provide the versatility and durability you seek in human hair bundles.

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