What is TestosteroneEnanthate, TestosteroneDepot?

TestosteroneEnanthate is produced under different names by various companies, such as TestosteroneDepot, Andro, Omnadren, andTestoviron. Alltheseproductscontaintestosteroneenanthate.

Testosteroneenanthate is released slowly in to the body. After thefirstinjection, testosteronelevelspeakwithin 24-48 hoursandremain in the body for 8 daysduetoitslong ester chain. It is usedfortherapeuticpurposes, includingthetreatment of lowtestosterone, strengthening in womenandchildren, andcombatinganemia. It is alsousedduringmenopause in women. Forathletes, it enhancesstrengthandmuscledevelopmentandshowsrapideffects. Itcombineswellwithothersteroids.

In men, it increasesfertilityand has beenthemost popular form of testosteroneusedtodate. It has long-lastinganabolicandandrogeniceffects. Anotherimportantfeature of testosteroneenanthate is itsrelativelylowcost. Whentestosteroneenanthatelevelsincrease, rapidrecoveryandstrengthgains can be observed in the body.

Usage: Thedosage is adjustedbased on theathlete’sweightandexperience, typicallyrangingfrom 250-1000mg perweek. Forbeginners, 250-500mg is sufficient. Injections can be administeredtwice a week. Testosteroneenanthateshould be injecteddirectlyintothemuscle.

Benefits of TestosteroneEnanthate:

  • Increase in protein synthesis
  • Increase in nitrogenretention
  • Increase in redbloodcells
  • Increase in IGF-1hormone

Use of TestosteroneEnanthate in LowTestosteroneTreatment:

Symptoms of LowTestosterone:

  • Low libido
  • Erectiledysfunction
  • Muscleandstrengthloss
  • Increase in body fatpercentage
  • Difficultyfocusing
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Weakimmunesystem

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