Unveiling the Mythic Nitro Cars of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 and How to Claim Them!

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The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 update has many car-related perks, so it only makes sense that you venture into this nitro-fueled wasteland with the most powerful vehicles in the game. That’s right, I’m talking about the rare mythic nitro cars owned by the wasteland warriors. Claiming them from these NPC bosses won’t be easy, so load up on a Fortnite card and get the necessary tools to take them down! 

Uncover the Locations of These Powerful Vehicles

There are three mythic nitro cars, each securely stored in cages at the quarters of each wasteland warrior NPC boss; there is, however, a slight chance that you encounter either Megalo Don’s Behemoth or The Machinist’s Lockjaw in their convoy as they travel around all the main roads in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3’s map. 

Here’s where to find each mythic nitro car:

  • The Machinist’s Lockjaw – This mythic car is in a locked cage inside a garage directly below the Redline rig.
  • Ringmaster Scarr’s Lockjaw – You can get this mythic car in a locked cage underneath the main entrance of the Nitrodome arena.
  • Megalo Don’s Behemoth SUV – Like the others, this car is locked in a cage inside a small building just a few meters East of the main Brutal Beachhead base.

How to Get the Machinist’s Lockjaw Mythic Car in Fortnite

To claim this ride, you’ll first have to take out the Machinist NPC boss at the Redline rig. She’ll then drop the mechanist’s medallion, which will help unlock the cage holding her Lockjaw Mythic car. Follow an arrow pointing towards The Machinist’s cage. Get close to the gate’s sensor, which will turn green and open the cage’s gate. 

The Machinist’s Lockjaw car has the following perks:

  • 1615 health
  • Unlimited nitro
  • Three vehicle mods to fight off opponents

How to Unlock Ringmaster Scarr’s Mythic Car in Fortnite

Battle Ringmaster Scarr in the Nitrodome to get her medallion. Follow the arrow toward Ringmaster scarr’s cage, walk up to the gate’s sensor, and use the medallion to open the cage’s gate. Getting full access to this mythic nitro car means that you’ll enjoy the following car perks:

  • 1615 health
  • Unlimited nitro fuel
  • Three vehicle mods that’ll give you an upper hand.

How to Get Megalo Don’s Behemoth SUV in Fortnite

This is one mythic nitro car worth fighting for! Take the fight to Megalo Don’s doorstep at the Brutal Beachhead. Defeat the wasteland warrior’s master muscle and take his medallion. Equip the medallion and follow the arrow towards Megalo Don’s cage. Once the gate’s sensor turns green, the cage’s gate will open, and the Behemoth SUV will be yours.

Megalo Don’s Behemoth SUV is kitted out with the following perks:

  • 2000 health, making it harder to destroy
  • Unlimited nitro
  • Three vehicle mods, one being a very explosive weapon.


Claiming these three mythic nitro cars isn’t going to be easy, but based on the car perks you’ll get, especially from the vehicle mods such as the bulletproof tires and spiked bumpers, I’d say that they’re worth the trouble. So gear up and go claim these mythic cars!

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