Professional Journey of Evan Rutchik: A Comprehensive Overview 

In today’s competitive business landscape, true transformation is driven by individuals who tirelessly pursue their goals, one step at a time. As Ruth Bader once said, “Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” These words strongly resonate with Evan Rutchik’s inspiring journey. His professional achievements exemplify the power of innovation, perseverance, and steadfast determination. 

With his creativity, innovations, expertise, and business acumen, this AdTech expert has carved a respected and impressive niche for himself in the industry. Curious to know more about his professional journey? Stay tuned to this blog, where you’ll discover everything about Evan Rutchik’s professional achievements and more. 

Academic Success of Evan Rutchik 

The foundation of a person’s professional career often lies in their educational background. Here’s an overview of Evan’s education: 

  • He pursued a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Advertising from Syracuse University, completing the degrees at different schools. Evan studied advertising at the Newhouse School of Public Communications and management at the Whitman School of Management. 
  • Additionally, Evan Rutchik pursued a Master of Business Administration in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship in New York. These educational pursuits aimed to broaden his horizons, enhance his skills, and excel in the advertising technology industry. 

Evan Rutchik’s Professional Background 

He is a seasoned AdTech professional known for his strategic acumen, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial drive. With a strong background in digital marketing and technology, he has excelled in diverse roles and industries. 

He is renowned for his bold approach and has emerged as a key figure in digital marketing and technology. Rutchik is highly skilled in developing digital strategies, implementing media buying campaigns, and nurturing brand growth in this dynamic sector. Here’s a glimpse of his impressive professional journey. 

  • Local Factor Group 

Local Factor Group, led by Evan Rutchik in New York, provides businesses with valuable insights into their brands. These insights help companies identify their best-performing locations and better understand their audience. The company specializes in creating tailored advertising campaigns using localized media and local factor ID data. It also focuses on empowering small and medium-sized businesses by offering premium and scalable connected TV and OTT advertising opportunities. 

  • Adetch Expert 

Evan Rutchik, whether spearheading his own ventures or representing clients, places a premium on innovative business strategies. His approach blends analytical rigor with a deep understanding of consumer behavior. In essence, he champions forward-looking strategies and creative approaches that not only elevate businesses and brands but also set new trends. Check out his exclusive interview to delve deeper into Evan Rutchik’s business strategies. 

  • President for Ogury 

Evan Rutchik took on the role of President for Ogury’s North and South American divisions in 2021, a notable achievement in his career. His promotion highlights his outstanding abilities and dedication to Ogury’s team and goals. As President of the Americas, Evan oversees the operations, strategy, and performance of the entire region, showcasing his leadership and commitment to Ogury’s success. 

  • CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) 

Before his promotion to president in 2019, Evan assisted as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Ogury’s North American division. His leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic was crucial, particularly in navigating the problems faced by the sales team. Evan demonstrated humility and adaptability in reshaping the advertising landscape, viewing this experience as a chance for personal growth and aligning himself with the industry’s evolving dynamics. 

  • Managing Partner of RIII Ventures 

As the Managing Partner of RIII Ventures, Evan Rutchik plays a crucial role in guiding the fund’s direction and success. He is responsible for building RIII’s investment portfolio and using his expertise to identify startups with significant potential. RIII Ventures is renowned for its investments in innovative technology and visionary entrepreneurs. The fund concentrates on early-stage, technology-driven businesses that have the potential to transform standard industries and enhance human life. 


Rutchik’s career exemplifies the power of innovation, perseverance, and unwavering determination. His focus on forward-thinking strategies and a consumer-centric approach have established him as a key figure in the digital marketing and technology sector. Whether serving as a CRO or in his current role as an AdTech expert, Evan Rutchik consistently inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and leads the way in setting new trends, guiding businesses and brands toward success in a constantly changing landscape. 

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