Meow Miu Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, Height, Net Worth, and More

Welcome friends! Today, Our blog post about the talented Meow Miu! If you’re a Russian cinema and modeling fan, you’ve probably already heard of this rising star. Meow Miu, born on April 1, 2002, in the Russian Federation, has captured the hearts of many with her exceptional acting skills and stunning looks.

We’ll delve into her biography and more so that even children can easily understand and appreciate her journey to success. From her collaborations with top production companies to her rise as a popular figure on social media, Meow Miu’s journey is worth exploring. So, let’s dive in and get to know Meow Miu better!

Quick Bio

Category Details
Full Name Meow Miu
Alternative Names Melania
Occupation Russian Actor and Model
Debut Year 2018
Date of Birth (DoB) April 1, 2002
Age (in 2024) 22 Years
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Weight 50 KG (110 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Figure Size 32B-24-34
Dress Size 36 (EU)
Shoe (Feet) Size 7
Tattoos None
Distinctive Features Attractive Figure & Confidence
Sister/Brother Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth $123K
Hobbies Gardening, Listening to Music, Dance, Playing Piano
Favorite Clothing Brands Calvin Klein, LOUIS VUITTON, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss & Co.
Favorite Gadgets Laptop, iPad and Smartphone
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Instagram Click
YouTube (Update soon)


Meow Miu Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, Height, Net Worth, and More

Who is Meow Miu?

Meow Miu is a well-known personality in the world of acting and modeling. She was born in the Russian Federation on April fool’s Day in 2002, the 1st day of April. Think of it like the big star in your favorite cartoon show; that’s how important she is!

She’s famous for her excellent acting skills, which means she can pretend to be different characters well, and her modeling work involves showing off fashion and style. She’s not just popular in Russia; people worldwide know and admire her.

It’s like how you love your favorite superhero or princess; many people feel the same way about Meow Miu. She has also worked with big companies that make movies and TV shows. It’s like playing in the most giant playground you can imagine! But remember, it’s not all fun and games; it takes a lot of hard work to be as successful as Meow Miu!

Early Life and Education

Meow Miu was born on a funny day – April 2002. That’s in the Russian Federation, a big country that’s very, very far away from us! When she was a little girl, just like you, she used to love playing make-believe and dress-up. She was good at it! That’s probably why she’s so excellent at acting and modeling today.

As for school, Meow was a super-intelligent student. She liked reading books and studying a lot. But she didn’t just spend all her time with books. She also enjoyed playing sports and hanging out with her friends like any other kid. As she got older, she became an actress and a model.

So she worked hard and practiced a lot, and soon, she was on her way to becoming the Meow Miu we all know and love today! But remember, kids, even stars like Meow, had to start somewhere, and they got where they are by working hard and never giving up on their dreams!

Meow Miu’s Career Journey as an Actress and Model

Meow Miu first began as a model, like a human mannequin. She wore pretty clothes and posed for pictures so people could see how the clothes looked on her. People loved her style and her confidence! Then, she got a chance to act, like playing pretend in front of a camera.

She started in minor roles but got more prominent roles because she was so good at pretending and making people believe in her characters. Imagine playing the lead role in your school play – that’s what Meow Miu does but on a much bigger scale!

She has worked with big companies that make movies and TV shows. These are like the big kids on the playground; working with them is a big deal. They loved working with her, too! That’s how Meow Miu became the famous actress and model we know today.

Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Let’s talk about how Meow Miu looks. She’s about as tall as your big sister or maybe your mom, standing 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm tall. That’s 1.57 meters for those who use that system. She weighs about as much as five heavy school backpacks, around 50 KG, or 110 lbs in pounds. Now, let’s talk about her beautiful features.

She has lovely brown eyes, the same color as yummy chocolate. It’s brown too, just like a chestnut! Meow’s figure is something that people admire. She has a figure size of 32B-24-34, like the measurements of a Barbie doll! When it comes to clothes, she usually wears a European size 36 dress. On her feet, you’ll find size 7 shoes.

She doesn’t have any tattoos! Instead, what makes her stand out are her attractive figure and her confidence. Just like your favorite superhero stands out because of its superpowers, Meow Miu stands out because of her unique looks and confident personality.


There’s no news of an extraordinary boy in her life, like a boyfriend or husband. Just like you keep some things a secret, Meow Miu also maintains her personal life. But no matter what, she’s happy and living like a fairy tale.

Meow Miu Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, Height, Net Worth, and More

Award and Achievements

Meow Miu has won many such gold stars in her career. She was given the ‘Best Actress’ award for her superb acting in one of her movies. It’s like being the best in your class at something! She also won an award for being the ‘Most Stylish Model,’ which is like being the best-dressed person at a party.

Apart from these, she has also been nominated for many other awards. Nominations are like being picked for a game, but you may win. Yet, they are exceptional because they mean you are good at your work.

Remember, all these awards didn’t just come to her. She worked hard for them, just like you must work hard to get good grades or win a race. So, keep working hard; you, too, could win many ‘gold stars’ just like Meow Miu!

Meow Miu’s Supportive Family

Just like you have your mom, dad, siblings, or maybe your grandparents who love and support you, Meow Miu also has a family who cares for her. She grew up with her parents and younger sister, who are all very proud of her achievements.

They are always there for her, cheering her on like your family cheers for you when you score a goal or do well in school. It’s like having your very own cheerleaders at home! Her family’s support and love helped her become the outstanding actress and model she is today!


Just like in your favorite cartoons, sometimes things don’t always go smoothly. That’s the same for Meow Miu. Controversy is like a considerable disagreement or misunderstanding that many people talk about. For Meow Miu, there was a time when people talked a lot about her because of some misunderstandings. She faced them all bravely, just like your favorite superhero would.

She didn’t let these controversies stop her from being the best she could be! Instead, she used these experiences to learn and grow stronger. Remember, kids, it’s okay to make mistakes or face problems. It is essential to learn from them and keep going, just like Meow Miu did!

Social Media Presence

Just like how you love playing games online or scrolling through funny videos, Meow Miu also loves using social media! It’s a place where she can share what she’s doing, like a behind-the-scenes look at her work or fun moments from her daily life. It’s like sharing your best coloring page or a fun day at the park with your friends.

Meow Miu uses popular sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Imagine them as giant playgrounds where she can meet and talk to her fans like you! She shares pictures of her outfits and fun places she visits on Instagram.

Twitter is like a big chatroom where she can talk to her fans and share her thoughts. She can share even more about her life and work on Facebook. It’s like an extensive diary that everyone can read!

But remember kids, even though Meow Miu shares a lot on social media, she also keeps some things private, just like you would. So, next time you’re online, think about being like Meow Miu and sharing fun and positive things with your friends!

Meow Miu’s Net Worth

Meow Miu has saved up lots of pennies from her work. She has a net worth of $123K. That’s like having 123,000 one-dollar bills! But remember, she worked hard for it. So, just like Meow Miu, if you work hard and save, you can also have a giant piggy bank one day!


Meow Miu is not just about acting and modeling; she also loves doing fun things like you! Here are her top five favorite hobbies:

  • Gardening: Just like you love playing in the mud and watching plants grow, Meow Miu also loves gardening. She enjoys planting flowers and seeing them bloom. It’s like creating a rainbow garden!
  • Listening to Music: That’s what Meow Miu does too! She loves listening to all kinds of music. It’s like having a mini-concert in her head!
  •  Dance: Just like you might love dancing at parties, Meow Miu also loves to dance! She enjoys moving to the music and learning new dance moves. It’s like playing a fun game of ‘Simon Says’ with the music!
  • Playing Piano: Meow Miu loves playing the piano. She enjoys creating beautiful music. It’s like painting a picture but with sounds!
  • Traveling: Imagine going on a big adventure to a new place. That’s what Meow Miu does when she travels. She loves exploring new places and meeting new people. It’s like going on a treasure hunt!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Meow Miu’s birthday?

Meow Miu was born on a particular day, April Fool’s Day! That’s April 1, 2002.

What does she do for fun?

Just like you, Meow Miu loves having fun! She enjoys gardening, listening to music, dancing, playing the piano, and exploring new places!

Does she have any siblings?

Yes, she does! She has a younger sister whom she grew up with.

How tall is Meow Miu?

She is about as tall as your big sister or mom, 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm tall.

How much does she weigh?

Meow Miu weighs about as much as five heavy school backpacks or 50 KG.


Wow, what an adventure we’ve had learning about Meow Miu! She’s a talented actress and model who loves her family, enjoys her hobbies, and works hard. She’s taught us that it’s okay to face problems, just like your favorite superhero, as long as we learn from them and keep going.

It’s also cool to have fun, just like she does with gardening, dancing, and playing the piano. And remember, Meow Miu started as a regular kid, just like us, but she’s become a big star with hard work and never giving up on her dreams!

So, the next time you watch your favorite cartoon or play dress-up, remember Meow Miu’s journey and know you can achieve great things. Now, who’s excited to follow Meow Miu’s next adventure? I know I am!

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