Mars Selene Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Net Worth and more

Hello Friends! Today, we will talk about the talented and gorgeous Mars Selene. This young actress and model from the Philippines has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her exceptional skills and stunning looks.

Born on January 1, 2001, Mars is a New Year baby and a rising star in the acting world. With her numerous accolades for outstanding performances in various movies, it’s no wonder she has captured the hearts of many.

But Mars’ talents don’t end there. She is also a successful model who shines in every photo she takes. So join me as we delve into this young sensation’s life and career and learn more about her net worth.

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible Mars Selene!

Quick Bio

Category Details
Real Name Mars Selene
Profession Model and Actress
Date of Birth January 1, 2001
Age 23 Years
Birthplace Philippines
Nationality Philippines
Ethnicity Asian
Debut 2019
Height – In Feet: 4 Feet 11 Inches (1.49 m)
Weight – In Pound: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Figure Size 34D-28-35
Tattoos Yes
Net Worth $100K USD (approx.)
Hobbies Reading, Gardening, Travelling, Playing video games
Favorite Clothing Brands Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Siblings Sister: Name Not Known
Brother: Name Not Known
Affair/Boyfriend Not Available
Children Not Available
Marital Status Unmarried
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Twiter Click here
Youtube Update Soon

Mars Selene Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Net Worth and more

Who is Mars Selene?

Mars Selene is a superstar from the Philippines. She was born on the very first day of the year – January 1, 2001. Because of that, she likely has two big celebrations every year – one for her birthday and another for New Year! But Mars isn’t just a girl who loves parties.

She is a wonderful actress and has won many prizes for acting in different movies. Apart from being an actress, she also works as a model. When you see her pictures, you’ll understand why – she is beautiful.

So, in short, Mars Selene is a young lady who acts, models and is very talented. She has lots of fans who love her acting and her photos. She is a star that shines very bright!

Mars Selene Early Life and Family

Mars Selene was born in the beautiful country of the Philippines. She was a special baby from the start because she was born on January 1, New Year’s Day and her birthday! She is not an only child.

Selene has siblings who she loves to play and spend time with. Her Family is very supportive of her acting and modelling. As a little girl, she loved performing and acting out scenes. She even made her plays and asked her siblings to be in them!

As she grew older, her love for acting grew stronger and stronger. This love led her to pursue her dreams and become the amazing actress we know today. So, Mars’ love for acting started when she was just a little girl in her family home in the Philippines. Her Family always knew that she would be a star one day.

What is Mars Selene’s Career?

Mars Selene is not just any ordinary girl. She is a superstar! She acts in movies and also models. From a young age, she loved to act. She would create her plays and act them out with her brothers and sisters. This love for acting helped her to become the amazing actress she is today.

In the movie world, Mars has acted in lots of different films. For her acting, she has received many awards. People love her acting and think she is very talented. But Mars doesn’t just act; she also works as a model. She takes beautiful pictures, and people love to see them.

She models for different brands and looks amazing in all the pictures. Her career is very exciting, and she loves every part of it. Acting in movies and modelling for brands is what Mars does best, and she is very happy to be doing what she loves.

Mars Selene Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Net Worth and more

Mars Selene Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Mars Selene is a petite and beautiful lady. She stands tall at 4 feet 11 inches, about 1.49 meters for those who use the metric system. Our superstar Mars isn’t just about height. She also maintains a healthy weight of about 120 lbs or 54 kg. Mars has lovely brown eyes that shine with joy and life.

Her hair is a beautiful shade of black that frames her face perfectly. Her figure measures around 34D-28-35, showing off her slim and healthy body. But that’s not all; Mars also has cool tattoos that show off her stylish and creative side.

These are just a few details about Mars’ physical appearance. There’s a lot more to her than just her looks. She is also a super-talented actress and model, but more later. That’s a little about Mars Selene’s height, weight, and appearance.

Achievements and Award

Mars Selene is not just famous; she’s super talented, too! Because of her great acting, she has won lots of awards. These awards are like gold stars that show how good she is. They are given by important people who know a lot about acting. Winning these awards takes work, and you must be good at acting.

Mars Selene has won these awards because she is an amazing actress. People love her movies and think she does a great job. These awards make her very happy because they show she is doing well.

Mars Selene is a beautiful model and actress who has won many awards. Her fans are very proud of her and always cheer for her. Winning awards is a big achievement, and Mars is very proud of herself, too!

What is Mars Selene’s Net Worth?

Mars Selene is doing great! She makes money from acting in movies and from her modelling work. This money adds up to her net worth. It’s the total money someone has when you add everything up. It’s around USD 100K! Wow, that’s a lot! She worked hard for this, and she’s very thankful. So that’s the net worth of Mars Selene.

Future Plan and Goals

She has big dreams! For one, she wants to continue acting in movies and winning awards. She loves telling stories and becoming different characters. But that’s not all; Mars plans to do more modelling work. She likes to pose for photos and make her clothes look beautiful.

She wants to model for even more big brands. Mars also dreams of travelling to new places. She wants to see different parts of the world and learn about new cultures. Mars has a dream of writing her book one day! She wants to share her own stories and adventures.

She also hopes to use her success to help others. Mars plans to support charities and help people who need it. These are some of Mars Selene’s plans and goals. Let’s cheer her on as she works to make these dreams come true!

Mars Selene Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Net Worth and more

Mars Selene on Social Media

Mars Selene loves to connect with her fans and friends online. That’s why she uses social media. She shares pictures of her work, her life, and her travels. Instagram is her favourite place to post photos. She likes to share pictures of her acting and modelling work, but also fun things she does every day. Facebook is another place where Mars talks with her fans.

She shares updates about her movies and her life. Mars also uses Twitter. She likes to share her thoughts and ideas with everyone. She also loves to hear from her fans and often replies to their messages. Mars is always happy to connect with her fans.

Her social media pages are a fun place to learn more about her. So, if you want to see what Mars is up to, you can check out her social media pages. But remember, be kind and respectful when you post messages to her. Mars Selene is not just a star on screen; she’s also a star on social media!

Fun Facts about Mars Selene

  • She was the first baby born in her city in 2001. What a way to start a year!
  • Mars is not just an actress but also a talented model. She loves taking photos and always looks amazing in them.
  • When she was little, Mars loved making her plays. She would write the scripts and act out the scenes with her siblings. That’s how she found her love for acting!
  • Mars is not just beautiful on the outside but also the inside. She always helps others and is known for her kind heart.
  • Mars Selene has a few cool tattoos! They’re a great way for her to express her creativity and style.

If you’re fans of Mars Selene and want to create your own style, you can customize your tattoo just like she did. custom sticker offers a variety of custom sticker for you to design, you can choose any pattern and color you like, and you can even design Mars Selene and the name of the avatar into a tattoo to remind yourself to learn from her. And DIY tattoos are really cool!

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When Mars Selene isn’t busy acting in movies or modelling, she enjoys doing things that make her happy. Let’s look at her favourite hobbies.

  • Reading: Firstly, she loves reading. She enjoys books, especially stories about brave and strong characters. Reading lets her travel to new places and meet new people, even if it’s just in her imagination! 
  • Gardening: Secondly, Mars also loves gardening. It’s a fun and peaceful hobby. She enjoys planting flowers and watching them grow. Her garden is filled with many colourful and beautiful flowers she cares for.
  • Travelling: Thirdly, travelling is another hobby she enjoys. Mars loves visiting new places and learning about different cultures. It’s always an exciting adventure for her!
  • Playing games: Fourthly, she likes playing video games. She finds them fun and challenging. They also help her relax after a long day of work.
  • Spending time with Family: Lastly, Mars enjoys spending time with her Family and friends. She loves making memories with them. They always have lots of fun together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Mars Selene born?

Mars was born on the first day of the New Year in 2001. That’s January 1! 

Where is she from? 

She is from the beautiful country of the Philippines.

What does Mars Selene do?

Mars is a fantastic actress and a wonderful model. She acts in movies and models for different brands.

Has she won any awards? 

Yes, she has! Mars has won lots of awards for her acting. They show that she is good at what she does.

How much is Mars Selene worth? 

Mars has made a lot of money from her acting and modelling work. Her net worth is around USD 100K.

What does she like to do in her free time?

When she is not working, Mars enjoys reading books, gardening, travelling, playing video games, and spending time with her Family and friends.


Well, that’s all about the talented Mars Selene. Not only is she a brilliant actress and a stunning model, but she also has a big heart. Born on New Year’s Day, she’s been a star. Her love for acting started when she was a little girl; look at her now!

She’s won lots of awards and is adored by many. Mars Selene is not just beautiful on the outside; she’s also a kind and loving person. She’s truly a superstar. Remember, like Mars, hard work and dreams can make you shine bright,

Keep following Mars Selene and her exciting journey! You may be inspired to follow your dreams, too. Remember, just like Mars, you are special in your way.

Keep shining, friends!

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