Making Memories: Creative Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship Day celebrates that day, when we celebrate meaningful bonds with our friends. This is the one relationship, which we get a chance to choose. So, this relationship is beyond all sorts of barriers related to caste, creed, society, or religion. So, no matter how busy you are, you must celebrate this day with your friends. 

To make your friendship day celebrations more meaningful, we have compiled a few creative ideas for you. 

Gift Each Other Friendship Bands 

This is the most common way to celebrate this day. Most people follow this Friendship Day Gift Idea, and give their friends bands or bracelets to strengthen their bonds. You can now order myriad friendship day bands or bracelets online. They are extremely reasonably priced, but you will get many different options online. This is something that we have been doing since our school days. Earlier, you may have to visit a store to get them. However, now you can buy them in better designs online. 

Organize a Friendship Day Party 

This is another way to celebrate the day. You can hold a party for all your old friends and new ones, to commemorate the day. One thing that you must order for the party is the cake. With online gifting gaining prominence, you can simply order a cake in a jiffy. You can order theme cakes, according to your favourite cartoons, characters or superheroes. Additionally, you can also order chocolates and snacks online. If you are a part of a friends group, unable to meet each other due to other commitments, fret not. Send Cakes Online to celebrate the day. 

Gift Each Other Photo Cushions 

This is another great way to honour each friend of yours. You get really nice ones online. These cushions come in materials like satin and fur. And the photo mostly comes in the centre. You can also add a special message there for your dear friend. These cushions will remind you of all those pillow fights that you had, at sleepovers in your childhood. Send Friendship Day Gifts to Delhi Online if your friend happens to stay there. You can avail of online shipping to every nook and corner in the capital. 

Create a Photo Collage with Nice Frames 

This is one of the most creative ways to celebrate the day. There are many different photo frames available online. And some are big enough to fit a collage. Collect all the old pictures of your mates from the past, and set them up in a creative manner. You can take turns to keep this memoir in each one’s house for a month and then send it to another. The relationships are well kept through this nice arrangement. Buy/send friendship day gifts online, and save your time. That is the beauty of online gifting. You can order gifts from anywhere. 

Enjoy a Spa Day at the Best Beauty Spa 

Although a female domain, this idea is catching up with males as well. Indulge yourself at a spa. You can also create the same experience at any of your homes. Use dim lighting, nice smelling flowers, and aromatic candles to create that ambience. Some nice beauty and spa hampers are also available online. So, you can choose them as well. Khadi beauty hampers are a rage online, as well. They contain a face wash, body soap, and body butters as well. You can even call a masseur home to give you a massage. If you all happen to be in Mangalore, go for Flower Delivery in Mangalore. You can choose flowers like roses and jasmine to create that therapeutic, spa-like ambience in your home. 

Cheer Your Mates with Wine and Flowers Combo

If you are well past your 30s, then this gift is more appropriate. Send a wine and flowers combo online to your friends. There are options to buy mixed bouquets of flowers like gerberas and carnations. And they will surely brighten up the day for your friend. You can get the best quality wine online. This is a great way to honour your friendship on this day. 


You can choose some of the above Oyegifts ideas to celebrate this Friendship Day Gifts. It really cannot get any better, with so many online gifting options available under a roof. So, make this day special. 


Q1. What are some creative ways to celebrate Friendship Day?

Answer: Creative ways to celebrate Friendship Day include organizing a themed party, planning a weekend getaway, crafting personalized gifts, hosting a virtual game night, and creating a friendship scrapbook.

Q2. How can I organize a themed party for Friendship Day?

Answer: To organize a themed party, choose a fun theme everyone will enjoy, such as a retro night, beach party, or favorite movie theme. Decorate accordingly, prepare themed snacks, and plan activities or games that fit the theme.

Q3. What are some ideas for personalized gifts for Friendship Day?

Answer: Personalized gifts can include custom photo albums, engraved jewelry, personalized mugs, custom-made artwork, or DIY crafts that reflect shared memories and inside jokes.

Q4. How can I celebrate Friendship Day with friends who live far away?

Answer: You can celebrate with friends who live far away by hosting a virtual game night, having a video call, watching a movie together online, sending care packages, or creating a shared playlist of favorite songs.

Q5. What activities can we include in a friendship scrapbook?

Answer: For a friendship scrapbook, include photos, handwritten notes, ticket stubs from events you’ve attended, small souvenirs, and creative elements like drawings or stickers. You can also leave space for future memories.

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