Improve Pelvic Health: Tips from a Physical Therapist 

Your pelvis is pretty important. You probably know that already. After all, the pelvis cradles important organs and helps your entire body to hinge. So do you take care of your pelvis? It can suffer quite a bit of abuse throughout the day. To improve your mobility and overall quality of life, a little pelvis attention is a great idea. 

PT Tips to Improve Pelvic Health 

Physical therapy is one of the best tools you have to improve your pelvic health. With help from a qualified physical therapist, you can learn stretches and exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Those muscles perform four major functions for your body. 

1. They support proper bowel and bladder control. 

2. They stabilize your spine and your pelvis. 

3. They help with sexual functions. 

4. They support all your pelvic organs including the uterus, rectum, prostate, and bladder. 

If your pelvic muscles are too lax, too tight, too weak, or too strong, they can cause pelvic floor disorder. A physical therapist can create a plan for you to help you regain full pelvic function. Too many people assume that a poor pelvic floor is a natural part of aging. It is not. Seek the help you need to enjoy full health. 

Pelvic Health Advice 

The first step to maintaining pelvic health is to reach out to physical therapy Wichita KS. There is no substitute for talking to the professionals. The next step is to learn what you can do at home. You need to continue the work the PT does in the office when you are on your own. 

Some of the best steps you can take, regardless of age, include: 

● Quit smoking and reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners. 

● Don’t strain or push hard during urination or bowel movements. 

● Drink plenty of water and consume plenty of fiber every day. 

● Meditate. Practice guided relaxation. 

● Make the Kegel exercise part of your daily routine. 

● Make healthy food choices and get moderate exercise. 

The beauty of these steps is that not only do they improve pelvic health, but you should see an improvement in your overall health as well. When To Seek Professional Treatment 

How do you know it’s time for professional help? The quick answer is whenever you are experiencing pain or a decrease in mobility that impacts your daily activities. Your first stop should always be with your medical provider. There could be a need for surgery. You may need to see a urologist or other specialist. 

If surgery isn’t required, ask your doctor if physical therapy might work for you. Ask for referrals for Tobler physical therapy. PTs can assess your physical condition and customize an exercise regimen to help you regain pelvic health. In addition, they have resources such as biofeedback and trigger point therapy. 

Start your path to wellness today. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of physical therapy for pelvic floor health. Make pelvic health a part of your daily routine and reap the benefits of full functionality.

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