How You Can Grow Your Small Business On Instagram in 2024 & Beyond?

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes can do well on Instagram – no matter whether you own a local book store, eCommerce store, digital marketing business, auto repair shop, or fitness center. 

By effectively utilizing Instagram to attract more customers, you can significantly boost your small business. Take advantage of the potential benefits this platform can bring to your business.  

Be sure that Instagram is the most popular social media platform for running your business and earning the trust of the majority of existing and potential customers. 

Below in this all-encompassing blog post, we’re going to shed light on some of the most significant strategies that will help grow your small business on Instagram now and then.

  1. Ask Your Customers Through Surveys

If you are unaware that your customers are active and engaging on Instagram, then you need to ask them. You can send them a quick survey of your customers via email to ask them what their social media habits are. 

Understanding your audience’s social media habits is crucial. By asking them what channels they prefer and where they follow online brands, you can tailor your Instagram strategy to their preferences. This will help you gain a better understanding of your customers and prospective audience. 

  1. Compare Your Intended Audience’s Demographics

No doubt, different groups of people are more active on Instagram than on other social media platforms. So, it’s best to compare your target audience’s demographics – such as age, gender, income, geographical location, and so on. 

What’s more, you also need to know about their psychographics (psychological traits such as interests, personality, and values) through their social media activities. Hence, you will get more followers who are relevant to your online business and its offerings.

  1. Nurture Your Audience

If you buy Instagram likes and followers that are 100% real and authentic, it can be tempting to boost metrics for your small business growth. 

Once people start finding that your business account has much more to offer, you can draw in a new audience, resulting in more customers and sales generations. 

More than posting content on Instagram, you need to engage with your followers, which will potentially encourage other people in their circles to visit your account, follow it, and make purchases.  

  1. Keep an Eye On Your Competitors

Don’t just observe your competitors on Instagram; learn from them. See how businesses similar to yours are thriving on this platform. By understanding their strategies and how they engage their audience, you can find inspiration and stay competitive. 

This way, you can adopt their strategies and start posting content on Instagram. However, if your competitors aren’t active on Instagram, it might be possible that it’s not a suitable platform for business promotion. 

On the contrary, if the majority of customers assure you that they’d follow your brand on Instagram, then you should move ahead and create your Instagram business account. Instagram has the untapped potential to take both new and existing businesses to new heights of success. 

  1. Set Up Your Business Profile On Instagram

Your Instagram profile serves the same purpose as your homepage on the platform. It educates people about who you are, what you are offering, and why you are the best option for many potential buyers. So, make your profile more enticing and solution-oriented for people on Instagram. 

Upload Your Profile Picture – Your brand must be recognizable and easily accessible to people. So, use your logo or brand icon as your Instagram profile picture.

Add Your Enticing Bio – Adding a bio represents your business to show new followers what you do and offer as an online brand. You can also include your brand slogan or tagline and describe your business more precisely. 

Don’t Forget to Add Your Site URL – As Instagram doesn’t allow its users to add URLs to their every post, you can add only one link to your profile. 

  1. Leverage Hashtags to Outspread Your Reach

Hashtags are the primary cornerstone of Instagram marketing, as they can help people find the content they are interested in. You can include them in your Instagram captions to get your posts in front of more people and grow your follower base. 

You can also search for brainstorming hashtags to add to the caption of your Instagram posts. It informs you how many posts have that hashtag, indicating the increased popularity of your brand on Instagram. 

If you are running a local, small business, consider adding hashtags relevant to your region. This way, you can gain more followers and convert them into your customers.

  1. Post Your Content Consistently

Consistency and frequent content publishing are the most significant factors that can help your audience in many ways. They can understand when to expect new content from you and also enable them to interact with you on Instagram habitually. 

The more they interact with you, the more the Instagram algorithm will reward you in terms of putting your content at the top of your followers’ feeds. 

If you develop a consistent routine of posting your business content, you boost your Instagram engagement without putting in more effort. Once a week is enough to get started with your content postings. 

  1. Hit the Same Users Again with Carousels 

Instagram carousels are defined as regular posts containing multiple photos or videos in the same post. You can consider it a small photo album that enables you to show up in your followers’ Instagram feeds more than once. 

Viewers can scroll through the photos; however, if they don’t, then the carousel post can show up in their feed later on. As a result, it will feature a different photo, which will hit the same users once more. 

  1. Customize Social Media Scheduling Tools 

For small business owners, implementing Instagram marketing strategies is a challenging task; they have so many projects to manage. So, it’s advisable to take advantage of social media scheduling tools such as Butter that can help you schedule your posts in advance, saving you more time. 

You can set up your posts a few weeks earlier, so you will never need to go dark on Instagram. The best thing is that several social media scheduling tools are free to manage up to three social accounts. 

This means that you can schedule more than 10 posts in advance for each one. That’s why a diverse array of small businesses is getting started on Instagram. 


Once you review and understand all the points mentioned above for leveraging Instagram to grow your small business, you can achieve your goals effortlessly. 

The proper marketing on Instagram can assist you in reaching a broader audience to generate more leads, establish your brand, engage your followers, target promotions, and so on. Instagram-integrated businesses can make the most out of their investment in terms of time and resources. 

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