How to pass your immigration interview 

Nowadays, many people prepare for the interview very nicely but miss some very important factors that the immigration officers notice. In this article you will find 5 tips that will help you to pass your immigration interview.

Tips to pass your immigration review 

Following are 5 tips to help pass your immigration interview:

  1. Be on time

When your immigration interview is scheduled, you are expected to arrive on time. Sometimes, if you don’t arrive on time, the immigration officer can also reject your application without even interviewing you. When you reach there, you should be mentally prepared to stand in long lines as many people can be scheduled on the same day as you. That is why it is recommended to come half an hour early before your appointment. Also make sure not to bring any sharp objects or perfumes that are not allowed in the immigration centre. It can make you late or throw these items.

  1. Wait for your lawyer

In many cases immigration officers call the clients before the appointment time. Sometimes the lawyer is not there as he was not informed that the appointment will be earlier than the scheduled time. Taking advantage of these cases, sometimes staff ask you to sign a form agreeing that you will attend the interview without your lawyer. It is a huge mistake signing these forms as the migration consultants in Oman can completely eat your rights and deny your case without any sufficient reason. If this case happens to you the most polite solution is that you ask for a little time from the staff for your lawyer to arrive. He can sometimes pressure you but be strict and act like an intelligent person. 

  1. Listen and answer properly 

Immigration officers become annoyed by one mistake that most people commit. When immigration officer asks you a specific question they expect a particular and also a specific answer. They don’t want to know other details they don’t ask. For example immigration officer asked the person when he applied for his visa so the person answered that I applied for a student visa from this website. This answer is wrong. If you are looking for Canada tourist visa, you can check DM Consultant.

  1. Dress appropriately 

Dress is one of the most important factors in your immigration interview. Just like other people, your immigration officer can also judge you on the basis of your clothing so make sure to dress appropriately when you are going to your immigration interview. This way can increase your chances of succeeding.

  1. Also bring copies along with your original documents

Bringing copies along with your original documents is very important when going to a immigration interview. That’s because first he reviews the original documents then he keeps the copies in his file to keep the record.


If you make sure that you don’t miss any of the steps mentioned above and give the interview with all your confidence and preparation, then I assure you that you will definitely pass.

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