How to choose the perfect place to buy a house in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s wealthy history, beautiful environment, and affordable costs make it a progressively well known choice among property investors.Copy HTMLCopy text

It encompasses a variety of choices accessible, from purchasing leased homes to retiring by the ocean and transitioning to secluded lifestyles. This article will give you directions on the best places to buy property, the benefits of coastal ranges, tips for foreign buyers and more.

Best areas to buy property in Bulgaria


As the capital city, it offers a dynamic urban way of life with all the comforts you may require. This place is the ideal match for those who need to be close to businesses, social occasions or international schools. The real estate market in Sofia is characterized by a wide range of choices, from modern lofts to conventional houses.

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A city with flourishing culture, is known as the “Sea Capital of Bulgaria” due to its wealthy history and cultural offerings. It’s one of the best places to buy property in Bulgaria by the sea, idealize for those seeking out for a combination of city life and shoreline unwinding. Shopping centers, medical facilities, and restaurants are just a few of the numerous services offered by the city.


Bansko is famous for its ski resorts, but it can moreover give reasonable lodging, particularly outside of peak season.

It is considered one of the cheapest places to purchase a house in Bulgaria.

With its mix of conventional and present day components, the town is a fabulous area to reside and invest.

Buying a House in Bulgaria as a Foreigner

Bulgarian property is generally easy to purchase for foreigners, in spite of the fact that a few legal aspects must be considered. Non-EU citizens can purchase apartments in Bulgaria without any confinements, but they have to register a company in the country to procure land or houses. This is because non-EU citizens cannot claim land straightforwardly but can claim it through a Bulgarian-registered company.

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Questions to Ask When Buying Property in Bulgaria

To make a successful real estate purchase in Bulgaria, it is important to ask the appropriate questions.

  1. What condition is the property in? – Ensure that the property is thoroughly examined or opt for a professional to do it for you.
  2. Are there any outstanding obligations or taxes? – Make sure there are no financial liabilities on the property.
  3. What are the annual maintenance costs? – Discover about any yearly expenses that apply to the apartment or gated community.
  4. What is the encompassing infrastructure like? – Analyze the level of availability, remove to amenities, and potential advancements.
  5. Are there any lawful restrictions for foreigners? – Verify the legitimate perspectives of property possession as a foreigner.

Where Should I Buy a House in Bulgaria?

Your choice of the perfect area to buy a house will be decided by your way of life requirements and inclinations. Those who lean toward exuberant urban life with adequate comforts may discover Sofia or Plovdiv to be the perfect place to go. If you’re looking for a more relaxed coastal experience, Varna or Burgas are extraordinary options. Those searching for a budget-friendly wide open withdrawal can explore the various provincial towns found throughout the country.

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