How Do You Handle Long-Distance Moves?

A long-distance move offers an exciting opportunity to embark on a new adventure in life. However, moving is never easy and requires a lot of preparation. Undertaking the relocation yourself will cost you a significant amount of time, money, and stress. Lifting and loading heavy furniture, appliances, and other items can put you at risk for severe injuries.

Choosing one of the more established long-distance Boston Movers is crucial for a seamless move.

Request estimates from reputable movers and compare their quotes to get the best value for your money.

Long-distance Moves Require Customised Solutions

Long-distance relocations include moves that cross state lines. Long-distance moving crews include bigger groups of professional movers, larger trucks, and heavy-duty equipment. Long-distance moving companies offer packing services and long-term storage, and some also offer auto transport options.

At Anton Movers, our professional movers have extensive training and experience in moving tens of thousands of dollars worth of belongings over several hundred miles.

Even if you have confidence in your packing abilities, you may not have the materials or skills necessary to securely and efficiently pack up your home and protect your valuables from damage.

Our Boston moving services company can construct custom crates and boxes to accommodate large or hefty items. Our packers pack each box appropriately to minimise jostling during the move.

Delivery On Time 

It is typical for items to arrive at their destination after the owner in a long-distance move. Delays due to weather conditions and the occasional mechanical issues can happen.

Drivers of long-distance moving companies have to abide by Department of Transportation rules and regulations. These rules require strict adherence to standardized hours of service. Drivers cannot drive for more than a set number of hours each day. Leading long-distance moving companies give their customers a delivery window – a duration of a few days in which they can expect their items.

A delivery spread or window is a range of dates during which the moving company may schedule the delivery of your belongings.


When you’re transporting thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings over hundreds of miles, it is critical to have monetary protection. By law, professional movers must provide you with liability coverage. You have the option of upgrading that coverage.


A moving company can make storage arrangements for you.

Anton Movers has strategic alliances with various storage facilities across the nation.

If you have to wait to move into your new home, a quality storage facility can keep your property safe and secure.

Long-distance Movers Making New Life Transitions Smoother and Less Stressful

Creating a detailed timeline, decluttering and downsizing, and hiring professional movers with long-distance relocation experience and expertise can make your relocation process a success.

At Anton Movers, we understand the significance of relocating. Our expert team of movers can assist you throughout the relocation process.

At Anton Movers, we have been relocating customers for over twenty years. We offer various flexible long-distance moving services to cater to your unique needs. Contact us today for a free long-distance moving quote.

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