Celebrities Who Love Casinos: 8 Notable Personalities

Casinos may appeal to gaming enthusiasts, but there are also those who are  A-list celebrities. Even though you’ve seen them on TV or on the big screen, they’re still people just like us. They also happen to love playing their favorite casino games.

This guide will examine eight notable personalities known for their talents, which make them celebrities, and their love for gambling. So, let’s discuss the list below and what makes them the casino fans they make themselves to be.

Ben Affleck

When he’s not acting in the latest blockbuster movie or directing one, then Affleck is known for playing his favorite games as a poker player.  Even though he’s made millions of dollars by being featured in Hollywood films, he has made just a little north of a quarter million dollars in his professional poker career. In fact, from 2003 to 2004, athletes competed in poker tournaments in hopes that they might have found their calling after Hollywood.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is Ben Affleck’s best friend. Not to mention,  Damon himself has a penchant for casino games himself. He likes casino games such as blackjack and poker. He was featured in a 1998 film called Rounders, which is based on poker itself. Off the screen, you can also compete with the best in poker. He might also be competing under an assumed name on online casino platforms ( but we’re not entirely sure if that is the case).  Nevertheless, if you are looking for some of the best online casinos and bonuses gathered in one place.

Charlie Sheen

There seems to be a certain word that Charlie Sheen has coined over the years. Could it be “winning”? As such, he might have been winning at some of his favorite casino games back in the day, including slots, blackjack, and common poker. He’s got that high-energy personality that could be a great fit for a Vegas casino environment. However, he has run into some issues in the past, and actually gambling had something to do with it.

This further proves that problematic gaming habits can also affect anyone, including those who are known as movie stars or musicians. For Charlie Sheen, however, getting the help you need for gambling or anything else you might be struggling with is always a good idea.

Tiger Woods

He’s a legend on the golf course. Yes, it’s been said that Woods can also be good at gambling. Rumor has it that Woods himself might be a fan of high-stakes blackjack. He’s been around the Las Vegas Strip throughout his illustrious career. However, it needs to be discovered how good of a player Woods is regarding the card table. He likes to keep some of those details private, but there could be stories about the big ones or even possible losses that so-called sources have leaked. But that is up to Tiger Woods to confirm or deny it. 

Michael Jordan

From one great athlete to another, we talk about one of the greatest basketball players who have ever lived. Michael Jordan might also have been a gambling enthusiast himself. He’s enjoyed certain types of games, including poker and blackjack. His high-stakes bets have become part of the fortune that he has built over some time. Yet,  that doesn’t mean that you have to rely on gambling as a source of income.  Granted, Jordan had the money to use to his advantage to win big.

Even if you have a substantial bank account, you need more time to carelessly spend it. Jordan might have had a strategy to increase his chances of winning. He did it the same way he did when playing basketball.

Pamela Anderson

Known for her role in Baywatch and modelling, Pamela Anderson was known for playing slot machines whenever she was in Vegas. She knows that the slot machine’s lights and sounds might be the appeal that everyone else is drawn to. Even celebrities are enamoured by the allure of slot machines with fast-moving reels, bright lights, and sound effects that match various game themes.

Paris Hilton

Yes, even Paris Hilton is known for her playing skills at the poker table. Some might even say that she has a hidden gambling habit. Nevertheless, she has become one of the more notable faces of a social casino brand growing in popularity in the United States. Whether she plays online or somewhere in Las Vegas, her skills might be unmatched compared to other celebrities who call themselves poker aficionados.

Shannon Elizabeth

Known for featuring herself in the American Pie movie series, Shannon Elizabeth is also a professional poker player in her own right. At one point, she called playing poker for a second career and was considered one of the most prolific celebrity players on the circuit. She had taken part in over a dozen tournaments from 2006 to 2010. She has racked up at least a quarter million dollars to keep her right in winnings.

These eight notable celebrities may be known for their claim to fame. Yet they’re not afraid to show off the thrill of gambling and playing their favorite games.  It shows that whether you are an A-list celebrity, there’s something about playing your favorite online or land-based casino games.  It just might be the thrill of winning big or just having fun –  either way, playing responsibly is something that we all must do regardless of who we are and what we do for a living.

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