Best Biryanis You Need to Try in India

Aromatic and full of rich flavours, Biryani is a complete meal you should not miss out on if you wish to try something delectable. 

India is known for its rich and diverse culinary traditions, still one of its iconic foods that is enjoyed throughout the country is biryani. Almost every region of India has its own variant of biryani

Biryani is believed to have arrived in India through the Mughals and Arab traders, but the exact origin of the dish is still not unclear. What we do understand is that this delicious blend of aromatic rice, meat, and spices has stood the test of time. 

Types of Biryanis You Need to Order 

Biryani is not just food but a mix of emotions to different individuals. The fact that makes it a versatile cuisine is that the taste can be modified significantly by changing specific ingredients. Biryani is available in a wide array of flavours and textures throughout the nation. 

If you are a biryani love, you must try out the following variants by ordering biryani online from Swiggy. 

  1. Hyderabadi Biryani

It is believed to have originated from the royal kitchens of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Usually, when you order a plate of Hyderabadi Biryani from Swiggy, you will get two variations: Kacchi (raw) and Pakki (cooked). 

The Pakki variant involves cooking top-quality basmati rice and meat separately. Then, these ingredients are layered together. On the other hand, kacchi biryani is prepared out of raw marinated meat (lamb or chicken) placed between subsequent layers of basmati rice. The mixture is then infused with the richness of dried fruits, onions, and saffron to enhance the taste. 

Both versions are slow-cooked in an earthen pot that is dough-sealed to impart rich flavours to the dish. You can search for biryani near me to enjoy this dish from the comfort of your home.

  1. Calcutta Biryani

As the name implies, this form of biryani has its origins in Kolkata. However, the roots of the delectable dish trace back to Lucknow’s Avadhi style of biryani. The divine cuisine is characterised by rich flavours along with a hint of sweetness and generous use of spices.

This biryani is prepared with yellow rice. The rice layer is covered with yoghurt-marinated meat, boiled potatoes, and eggs. To this mixture, nutmeg, kewra, and saffron are added to this mixture to boost the aroma of the dish.

  1. Awadhi Biryani

It is the ultimate Nawabi treat from the state of Uttar Pradesh. This variant of biryani is prepared quite gradually, wherein vegetables & meat are cooked over a low flame. The ingredients are cooked together in a dough-sealed container to capture the aroma and taste into the dish.

Lucknowi or Awadhi Biryani gets its inspiration from the classic Persian style of culinary skills. In Persia, Dum Pukht is a dish that resembles the flavours and cooking methods of Awadhi Biryani. As the signature culinary practice of most Persian dishes, meat, in this form of biryani, is cooked partially and layered in a covered handi or container. The biryani preparation is quite low on spices to cool your stomach. 

  1. Dindigul Biryani

It is a spicy temptation from Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the signature biryanis of South India. Dindigul Biryani is a special variant of the dish that is quite renowned for its rich use of spices and herbs. 

In addition to the use of standard spices, a handful of pepper is also added to enhance the taste. Due to this, the tempting dish acquires a rich orange tinge to make it more drool-worthy. The dish’s variant also makes use of the special jeera sambar rice rather than the standard basmati rice. This imparts the platter a unique taste. Moreover, this biryani also features cube-shaped meat pieces in large chunks to make it highly delectable.

  1. Ambur Biryani

It is yet another culinary delight from South India. Primarily famous in Tamil Nadu, this form of the rice-based dish is quite sought-after in the region. If you are based out of Chennai or Bangalore, chances are you can easily order a plate of delicious Ambur Biryani from Swiggy. 

This biryani variant is characterised by its slightly tangy flavour. It is due to the use of special ingredients and the style of marination. Usually, meat pieces are soaked and marinated in a curd base while being coated with mint. Coriander chutney is also added to this mixture before all the ingredients are mixed with rice. The tanginess of the dish balances out the meatiness in your plate of biryani. It is one of the unique types of biryanis in India that involves the use of different types of meat, including chicken, lamb, prawns, and beef.

  1. Sindhi Biryani

It is the ultimate food lover’s delight. It is a special gift from the iconic Sindh Province, now a part of Pakistan. While it is a forgone taste, still it is not forgotten. The preparation method involves a generous use of spices, coriander leaves, chopped green chillies, nuts, and dried fruits. 

The divine combination of all the rich ingredients makes this dish intensely savoury. To further enhance the taste, the dish is cooked with yoghurt, making it creamy and aromatic. Just like Calcutta Biryani, boiled potatoes are added to the recipe along with plums to create a good quantity for serving a large group.


This was our concise list of the best biryanis in India that you must try at least once. In addition to non-veg variants, there are several options for vegetarians as well. All you need to do is to search for biryani near me and Swiggy will come up with a list of top-rated restaurants offering delectable biryanis in your region. Have fun! 

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