Avoid The Landfill with Sofa Removal Specialists in Sydney 

When investing in a new couch or sofa, or lounge suite, the main concern is what to do with the piece one being replaced. Bulky, heavy items present a challenge for homeowners uncertain how or where to dispose of unwanted furnishings. 

Fortunately, you can rely on sofa removal specialists in Sydney to handle the disposal with ease. These companies promise to recycle the rubbish and educate you on the eco-conscious approach to waste management. This not only includes recycling but can mean reusing or repurposing the items. 

Often on the removalists websites you can find literature with recommendations for environmentally friendly methods of disposal which can include donating to charities if in decent condition, reupholstery for reuse or selling, gifting to a loved one or advertising for free. 

The landfill will be a last choice if the sofa, couch, or lounge has deteriorated beyond repair. Even at this point, when disassembling, there can still be parts that can be recycled, like the hardware or perhaps the wood and springs—any bit you can spare from ending up at the landfill. 

Ideas For Disposing of an Old Couch or Sofa 

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Sofas and couches’ lifespan depends on the use and abuse they’re exposed to. Despite your creative efforts to save the old pieces, you will invariably need to buy new furniture.  

Wear and tear take a toll leaving behind a bulky, heavy item to move out of the house. Figuring out the least environmentally harmful way to dispose of the couch is your priority. Visit  https://www.lifehacker.com.au/the-right-way-to-get-rid-of-your-old-couch/ for tips on the right way to get rid of your old couch. 

Fortunately, sofa removal specialists educate the public on their recycling efforts when disposing of bulky, heavy pieces. They further encourage people to reuse or repurpose couches before taking them to the landfill. Here are some recommendations for the most eco-conscious approaches to sofa disposal. 

Non-waste methods 

Many homeowners initially consider tossing the old couch in the landfill, particularly if it’s deteriorated. However, if the frame is stable enough for guests to sit comfortably on, it could be refurbished before being discarded.  

High-quality reupholstering can result in a design aesthetic that updates your living space for less than buying new. The process takes a while, but getting a new custom sofa from the retailer can also take time.  

If the legs and frame are in good shape, but you still prefer to buy a new sofa, you can reupholster the old piece on a strict budget. Then, you can sell the newly refurbished item to invest in a new couch.  

For those who don’t want to spend the time and effort on reupholstery, removalists will haul the couch to the recycling centre. Click for guidance on getting rid of hard waste. 


When you have a sofa, lounge suite, or couch in relatively decent shape, tossing it away would be massively wasteful. When you have a new one on its way, you won’t have the space for two so finding a way to dispose of the old one is imperative. 

One option is to donate the item to a charity organisation. The piece would go from the facility to a family in need. The idea is that they will be able to use the couch for a few more years, so it will need to withstand the test of time. 

Many people are unable to afford hundreds or even thousands of dollars for new furnishings and would appreciate the donation of a new sofa. It would help update their living space like your new one will do for you.  

Fortunately, plenty of charity organisations accept old furniture, particularly religious charities or churches that specialise in helping those less fortunate in communities. Sometimes, the facility will pick up the item. If not, sofa removalists will often haul couches to donation centres. 

Selling in the online market 

Online retail is a popular market, with used furnishings in high demand. This is because a new sofa can range as high as roughly $1000 while a higher-end model is much more expensive. Sometimes, the investment is wise for anyone who wants a piece that will withstand abuse and last a couple of decades. 

As a rule, many people prefer to save money by buying from social network marketplaces or online auction sites for decent, slightly used pieces at affordable prices.  

You can find many online platforms to post your old sofa, with the likelihood of selling being high on many of these sites. Here are a few factors to consider before posting a used couch for sale. 

  • Assign a reasonable price, less than what you originally paid when it was brand new, and consider any negotiations 
  • Read the retail website terms/conditions thoroughly 
  • Photograph and describe any flaws or issues with the item 
  • Use a concise but descriptive post 
  • Be generous for the opportunity of a return customer. This will mean offering a complimentary item with the couch, like a throw or an extra toss pillow 
  • Disassemble to recycle 

If a sofa is badly deteriorating, you can still use many of its components for various purposes, but that means breaking the couch down. You can find online tutorials to help you navigate the process, and removalists will also help with that process. 

Once the couch is disassembled, the parts you don’t need can be recycled. For instance, the wood from the frame can serve as composting material or even kindling. If you’re creative, you can create new wooden furnishings with the wood. 

The cushion stuffing can potentially contain harmful materials making it necessary to wear protective clothing when taking this out. You can reuse the extra upholstery to update the seating for other furniture.  

The metal wiring that tends to sag as time goes by is recyclable, giving you the potential to earn cash back when taking it to the facilities. 

Free giveaway or trade 

Everyone loves to get something for free. If you feel charitable, you can offer your couch as a free giveaway to anyone who might need it. A popular way to do this is to post an ad offering a free couch on your social network marketplace or auction site. You can also place a post in the community paper. 

Sometimes, bulky, heavy items can be left by the curb or in front of your driveway with a sign reading “free.” If someone shows interest, let them know the details including any flaws so they know what they’ll be getting with the deal. 

You can also choose to offer the sofa as a trade for something you need. Look at posts to see what neighbours in the local community have available. If you can swap your couch for their item, discuss the option and make the trade.  

You can not only dispose of your sofa but get something free that you can use in the process. 

When The Landfill Is Your Only Option 

Usually, one of these methods, particularly recycling, will work to your advantage. If, by some chance, none pan out, the only other choice is to find a way to take the couch to the landfill. This can be challenging, especially if you have no way to transport it. Here are ways to get the sofa to the landfill when all else fails. 

Personally taking it to the landfill 

Some homeowners find themselves stuck with two couches when their new one arrives, but they have yet to dispose of the old one. When they don’t have a way to transport the oversized furniture, they often choose to strap the sofa to the top of a car or rent a vehicle to haul it to the landfill themself. 

It can be hazardous to strap a bulky, heavy piece of furniture to a car to go any distance with other motorists on the roadway. It can also be costly to rent a vehicle simply to haul the couch to the landfill. Plus, the attendant might not accept the furniture if there’s no room for it. 

You must call ahead before embarking on the trip. It’s also wise to try to borrow a vehicle from a loved one or close friend instead of the expense of renting a truck or the danger of strapping the sofa to your car. 

Final Thought 

Junk removal services are the premium option for removing and disposing of your old couch. Many companies are available in Sydney. They will send an expert to give you a free, no obligation estimates so you can make an informed decision.  

Once you agree to the terms and conditions, the removalists will load the large piece and dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way.

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